Adp powersuits k-11-suit

With boomer crimes escalating, and more of them having combat capabilities, the ADP turned to the military for a unit to handle the issue. The K-11, while competent in combat, was never really designed for uses like that the ADP would deploy them in and as such they do not perform quite up to snuff. Ther are plans on teh board to design an ADP specific unit for future deployment.

Model Type - Combat Suit

Class - K-11 ADP Model

Crew - 1

SDC By Location

Main Body 250

Head 125

Arms 120

Legs 175

Thrusters 120

Caseless MG 100

AR - 12 (vehicle AR)

Armour - stops all handgun rounds and upto and including 5.56mm rifle rounds Explosive and ramjet rounds are still effective.


Running - +8 to character speed attribute

Skimming - 108kph

Leaping - 25m


Height - 3.3m

Length - 2m

Width - 2.6m

Weight - 1135kg

PS - Augmented 30

Cargo - none

Power System - Hard Cell Battery System

Cost - unknown


Weapon Type - Caseless Machine Gun

Primary Purpose - Anti-boomer

Range - 450m

Damage - 3d6x10 per burst

Rate Of Fire - equal to pilots attacks

Payload - 7 bursts

Bonuses - na

Bonuses and penalties

Use Mecha combat training

-4 dodge

Lift - 3 000lbs, Carry - 1 500lbs

Punch - 1d4x10 , Restrained Punch - 2d6 , Kick - 1d6x10, Body Block - 3d6+2

+1 perception

Systems of Note

Environmentally sealed

Sensor Suite (optical, Audio, Radio 100km, Targeting and Lowlight Vision)

Standard Instrumentation


ECCM - +15% versus ECM attacks


Emergency Ejections system

Forearm and shoulder hardpoints (not used by ADP)

Parachute (allows unit to be air deployed)

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