Crew - 900

Additional passengers - 500 (some of which is taken up already by crewmember families, 12,500 in an evacutaion emergency

Notable Ships of the Class:



U.S.S. OGALLAWA, NX-83550 (Destroyed over Mars on first attempted warp flight after leaving dry dock)


Length: 712m

Width: 282m

Height: 116m @ 26 Decks

14 Fighters (12 at ready, 2 parted out for standby)

12 Shuttlecraft 6 shuttle pods

3 Runabouts

1 captains yacht, several workpods and eva suits

1 Eagle Class Advanced Scout (Docked on ventral pod)

Marine Compliment: 1st Expeditionary Battalion (640 personnel including support staff and fighter pilots)


2 Warp nacelles fed by 1 Extreme Performance-Tuned Galaxy Class Warpcore (Original Fitting at construction)

(The core dubbed "Hercules" has roughly the power of 3 normal Galaxy cores)

2 Warp Nacelles fed by a triple Galaxy Warpcore layout (Refit Prior to maiden voyage and deployment)

(Equal in power and output to the original "Hercules" heavily modified Galaxy C:ass Warpcore)

Back Up Galaxy Class Warp Core on board for emergency use

Cruise: Warp 8

Max. Cruise: Warp 9.8

Max. Warp: 9.995 for 24 hours

Max. Attainable Warp: Warp 9.9992

2 Luminal Accelerated Driver Coil Impulse Engines.

Cruise: 0.23c

Max. Speed: 0.96c

Standard Acceleration: 14km/sec2

Max. Acceleration: 25km/sec2

Armaments & Defense

16x Type XII Phaser Arrays

2x Type XII-PPC Transphasic Phaser Cannon (Fwd Dorsal)

8x Phalanx ADF-Pod Phaser Blister Emplacements (Anti-Fighter)

[3x dorsal, 3x ventral, 1x port/stbd]

4 x Dual Tube Rapid Fire Quantum Torpedo Launchers

Forward launch capability: 8 Mark IX Quantum Torpedoes

Aft launch capability: 5 Mark IX Quantum Torpedoes

4x Dual Tube High Accuracy/Launch Speed Pho-Torp Launchers

Forward launch capability: 8

Aft launch capability: 6

1 x Mark VI-A Omnimatrix Trigeminal Shield System

3 Generators (primary, secondary, and tertiary)

Ablative Armor Generators (dorsal, ventral, pod mount)

Fighter & Fighter Maintenance Pod (Dorsal Elevated)

Deck Layout

Deck 1: Captain’s Ready Room, Main Bridge, Briefing Room/Observation Lounge/War Room

Deck 2: Captain McWarren & Executive Officer's Quarters

Deck 3: Docking Ports 1-3 (Port/Starboard/Aft), Officers Quarters, VIP/Guest Quarters

Deck 4: Junior and Senior Officers Quarters, Holosuites

Deck 5: Junior and Senior Officers Quarters, Primary Computer Core, Gymnasium

Deck 6: PPrimary Computer Core Control, Cargo Bay 1 & 2, Upper Primary Computer Cores 1-2, Upper Main Shuttlebay, Impulse Engines (P/S)

Deck 7: Sickbay, Chief Medical Officer’s Office, Counselor’s Office, Primary Science Labs, Primary Computer Core, Impulse Engines (P/S), Main Shuttlebay

Deck 8: Primary Computer Core, Junior Officers and Crew Quarters, Secondary Science Labs, Firing Range, Main Impulse Engines, Phaser Range, Chief Tactical Officer’s Office, Main Brig, Secondary Weapons Control, Secondary Armory, Upper Shuttlebay Maintenance and Support, Thor's Hammer Lounge, Transporter Rooms 1-2

Deck 9: Recreation Deck, Living Quarters, Holodecks, Dorsal Docking Port, Environmental Support, Transporter Rooms 3-4, Lower Shuttlebay Maintenance and Support, M/ARA Deuterium Injector Assembly, Aft Lounge

Deck 10: Upper Engineering Support Area, Secondary Deflector Control, Living Quarters, Deuterium Injector Assembly

Deck 11: Main Engineering, Primary Maintenance Support Center, Fore Torpedo Bay Control, Living Quarters, Hydroponics, Stellar Cartography, Deflector Control, Secondary Navigational Deflector

Deck 12: Lower Engineering, Primary Systems Support Compartment, Environmental Support, Living Quarters, Forward Torpedo Magazine

Deck 13: Living Quarters, Deuterium Storage, Power Distribution, Operations Department Office, Forward Torpedo Launcher

Deck 14: Living Quarters, Cargo Bay 3 - Primary Cargo Bay, Lower Forward Torpedo Bay Control, Deuterium Storage, Captain’s Yacht Docking Station, Upper Shuttlebay 2

Deck 15: Secondary Computer Core Control, Living Quarters, Transporter Rooms 5 and 6, Secondary/Aft Tractor Beam Control and Emitter, Shuttle Bay, Navigational Deflector, Main Engineering Upper Level, Shuttlebay Maintenance and Support, Upper Secondary Computer Core, Plasma Transfer Conduits

Deck 16: Secondary Computer Core, Primary Shuttle Maintenance Hangar, Tertiary Science Labs, Navigational Deflector, Main Engineering Lower Level

Deck 17: Secondary Computer Core, Primary Machine Shop, Stellar Cartography, Chief Science Officer’s Office, Microlabs, Navigational Deflector, Aft Tractor Emitter

Deck 18: Main Tractor Beam Control and Emitter, Environmental Control, Aft Torpedo Control, Navigational Deflector

Deck 19: Transporter Rooms 5 and 6, Waste Management, Environmental Support, Aft Torpedo Launchers (2), Torpedo Magazine

Deck 20: Brig, Armory, Power Transfer Conduit Control Center, Environmental Support, Forward Torpedo Launchers (2), Torpedo Magazine

Deck 21: Tertiary Maintenance Support Center, Secondary Systems Support, Gravimetric Polaron Generators, Antimatter Storage Pods, Forward Tractor Emitter

Deck 22: Anti-matter Storage Pods, Antimatter Generator

Deck 23: Antimatter Injector Assembly, Anti-matter Storage Pods, Anti-matter Injection Reactors

Deck 24: Antimatter Injector Assembly, Anti-matter Storage Pods

Deck 25 adn 26 - Unconfigured

Deck Layout for Pod

Deck 1: Captain's Cabin, Temporal Research Center

Deck 2: Sharkworks Research & Development Level, Living quarters, Pod bridge

Deck 3: Main Fighter/Shuttle Hangar Deck

Deck 4: Main Fighter/Shuttle Hangar Deck

Deck 5: Main Fighter/Shuttle Hangar Deck, Machine Shop, Parts Storage

Deck 6: Marine Barracks and mess hall

Deck 7: Marine Barracks, Pod impulse reactors and fuel storage

Deck 8: Sharkworks auxiliary shuttle bay, impulse reactors, Marine armory, pod sensor arrays, pod strut trams, cargo storage

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