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Designed for export around the world, the 55C was a great success and even though they are tehinically illegal in Japan and otehr urban areas of the world, many corporations as well as unscrupulous individuals emply them secretly.

Model Type - Combat Boomer

Class - BU-55C

Crew - NA

SDC - 350

AR - 14 (vehicle AR)

Armour - stops all handgun rounds andupto and including 7.62mm rifle rounds. Explosive and ramjet rounds are still effective


Running - 72kph

Skimming - 145kph

Leaping - 50m


Height - 1.8m in human disguise, 2.2m in boomer mode

Length - 30cm in Human form, 45cm in boomer mode

Width - 60cm in human form, 90cm in boomer mode

Weight - 600kg

PS - Android 33

Power System - Hard Cell abttery system

Cost - unknown


Weapon Type - Blade

Primary Purpose - anti-infantry

Range - melee

Damage - 1d4x10+10 armour piercing + punch damage

Rate Of Fire - equal to attacks

Payload - na

Bonuses - na

Weapon Type - Mouth Laser

Primary Purpose - anti-infantry/armour

Range - 800m

Damage - 2d4x10

Rate Of Fire - equal to attacks

Payload - unlimited

Bonuses - na

Weapon Type - Heat Cannon

Primary Purpose - anti-infantry

Range - 725m

Damage - 1d6x10+10 area of effect 2.5m radius (8ft)

Rate Of Fire - 3 per melee maximum

Payload - unlimited

Bonuses - +3 strike

Weapon Type - Laser MG (optional)

Primary Purpose - anti-infantry

Range - 750m

Damage - 4d6x10+40 per burst

Rate Of Fire - equal to attacks

Payload - unlimited

Bonuses - +1 strike

Bonuses and penalties

Lift - 16 500lbs, Carry - 8 750lbs

Punch - 2d4x10 , Restrained Punch - 5d6 , Kick - 3d4x10 , Body Block - 1d4x10

Effectively a level 5 character

Attacks per melee - 5 (hth basic)

+3 strike

+4 parry

+4 dodge

+2 pull punch

+2 roll with punch/impact

+1 disarm

WP - Handgun +2 strike

WP - Rifle +3 strike

WP - Heavy +2 strike

Weapon SYstems +2 strike (internal weapons)

Pilot Automobile 70%

Pilot Motorcycle 80%

Systems of Note

100km scrambled comm system

Standard Human level optics

Lowlight vision

Targeting system

IR Vision

Limited Fusion Ability (Can fuse with upto 150kg of mechanical material)

Human Disguise Function - Only a perception roll of 20+ will recognize it as a boomer when in human form. Must remove human disguise to use its internal weapons.

Human personality and behavior matrix

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