Not being a super human in any way, Batman does need a way to get from place to place adn this does the job very adequately.

Cost - $741 230 estimated

Passengers - 1 driver and one passenger

Vehicle SDC - 800

Vehicle AR - 18

Passenger Protection SDC - 500

Passenger Protection AR - 16

Engine SDC - 400

Engine AR - 14

Speed - 300 mph


2.75" Rocket Launchers (2) (Range 2000ft, damage - 5d6x10, ammo - 6 rockets per launcher)

Anti-Airtcraft missile Launchers (2) (range - 3 miles, damage - 2d4x100, Ammo - 3 missiles per launcher)

Air Recycling System (Allows for upto 12 hours of recirculated air)

Anti-Missile Chaff (75% of causing missiles to lose lock and veer off)

Ejection Seats


Nightsight Camera/Monitor (range 2000ft)

Pressurized Cabin


Smoke Screen (creates a screen of smoke 50ft wide)

Theft Alarm System

Thief Proof Locks

Winch and Cable (5ton tensile strenth. 100ft long cable)

Armoured Tires ()

Self Sealing/Inflating Tires

Stereo System

Engine Readout Package

Radar Display (2000ft radius)

Radio Locator (range 10 miles)

Super Fuel Efficiency

Oil Slick (causes a slick 20ft wide to trail behind the vehicle)

Vehicle Caltrops

Ram Prow

Jet Booster - 100ft jumps

Mini Super Computer Database Terminal with full satellite uplink capability

Mini Super Computer Lab and Analysis system

Anti-radar coating (-25% cahnce of getting a radar lock)

Full Remote Control link/rig

Additional personal gear - exra batarangs etc.

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