Designed as an all purpose "costume", the Batsuit was designed for maximum protection against bullets and knives, maximum mobility and movement as well as being able of allowing Batman to remain stealthy and silent.

Armoured Body suit

Class IV Hard Armour (stops upto and including all pistol rounds and most moderate and upper tier rifle rounds)

AR - 19

SDC - 298

No mobility penalties

Utility belt/harness contains a numberof items to Aid Batman in his crimefighting endeavors.


Heavy Kevlar Cloth-like Material

AR - 17

SDC of 150

Fire proof

The design of the cape allows Batman to use it as a glider when leaping from skyscrapers and other very high locations.


AR - 16

SDC - 60

Built in Equipment:

Radio transmitter/receiver (range 10 miles)

Nightvision (range 100ft)

Thermal Vision (range 100ft)

Gas Filters

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