Bioroid scout

Designed as a light combat and patrol unit he Bioroid Scout is fairly similar in many respects to the standard Soldier model. It is a bit quicker but also has lighter armour.

Model Type - Scout

Class - Bioroid (Blue)

Crew - 1

MDC By Location

Head - 100

Arms - 100

Hands - 50

Legs - 150

Feet - 80

Main Body - 200

AR - 12

Armour - Stops upto and including the equivalent of standard 20mm rounds


Running - 110kph

Leaping - 20m

Range - 7 years fully charged


Height - 6.4m

Length - 2.05m

Width - 2.8m

Weight - 11.4 tons

PS - Robotic 35 Lift 17.5 tons, Carry 8.75 tons

Cargo - none

Power System - 1 x Zorr'lev-12-DCr protoculture generator.

Cost - na


Weapon Type - Drum Pod

Primary Purpose - Anti-Mecha

Range - 1500m

Damage - 2d4x10

Rate Of Fire - semi-automatic

Payload - unlimited

Bonuses - +2 strike

Bonuses and penalties

Use Robot/Vehicle combat elite

+15% to all piloting rolls

+3 autododge

Punch - 3d6

Kick - 4d6+3

Body Block/Tackle - 1d6+3

Restrained Punch - 6d6sdc (1d6/2mdc)

Systems of Note

It should be noted that by and large Bioroids are relatively dependant on their carrier craft for locating enemy units and communications.

Radar 45km range

Camera System

Targeting system +2 strike ranged

Life Support

Thermal Imager 600m

Nightvision optics 500m

Telscopics 1000m

Infra red optics 500m

References Used for images and technical information

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