The Bismarck class was a pair of battleships built by the German Kriegsmarine shortly before the outbreak of World War II. The ships were the largest warships built by the German Navy and the heaviest capital ships ever completed in Europe. Bismarck was laid down in July 1936 and completed in September 1940, while her sister Tirpitz's keel was laid in October 1936 and work finished in February 1941. The two ships were broadly similar to the World War I-era Bayern class, in that they mounted a similar main battery and were protected by a similar armour arrangement.

Both ships had short service careers. Bismarck conducted only one operation, Operation Rheinübung, a sortie into the North Atlantic to raid supply convoys sent from North America to Great Britain. During the operation, she destroyed the British battlecruiser HMS Hood and damaged the new battleship Prince of Wales in the Battle of the Denmark Strait. Disagreements over the cause of the sinking persist with chiefly British sources claiming responsibility for the sinking of the ship after a three-day chase by the Royal Navy. Evidence reviewed by Robert Ballard and James Cameron however indicates the exact cause of her loss was most likely due to scuttling of the Bismarck as was originally claimed by her surviving crew-members.

Tirpitz's career was less dramatic; she was sent to Norwegian waters in 1942, where she acted as a fleet in being, threatening the convoys from Britain to the Soviet Union. She was repeatedly attacked by Royal Navy midget submarines and Royal Air Force bombers. Ultimately, Lancaster bombers hit the ship with three Tallboy bombs, which caused extensive internal damage and capsized the battleship. Tirpitz was broken up for scrap between 1948 and 1957. However, a large portion of the bow remains where it sank in 1944.

Model Type - Battleship

Class - Bizmark Class

Crew - 103 officers, 1962 enlisted men

SDC By Location

Main Hull - 85 000

Hull per 40 ft - 1 400

Drive Propeler - 3 800 ea

15" Guns - 6 500 ea

Main Turrets - 9 000 ea

Secondary Turrets (150mm and 105mm guns) - 2 800 ea

37mm guns - 400 ea

20mm guns - 200 ea

Superstructure - 25 000

AR - 15 (vehicle AR)

Armour - Stops all standard handgun rounds and upto and including 30mm rounds. Explosive and ramjet rounds are still effective.


Surface Speed - 56kph

Range - 15 788km


Length - 251m overall, 241.6m at the waterline

Width - 36m overall

Weight - 41 700 tons displacement

Cargo - 6 months of consumables for the crew

Power System - 12 Wagner superheated boilers; 3 geared turbines; 3 three-blade propellers; 150,170 shp (111.98 MW)

Cost - millions


Weapon Type - 15" cannons (8, 2 per turret)

Primary Purpose - anti-ship

Range - 35.6km

Damage - 6d6x100 H.E., 5d6x100 A/P

Rate Of Fire - 1 every other melee

Payload - 115 per gun

Bonuses - na

Weapon Type - Dual 150mm guns (6)

Primary Purpose - anti-ship

Range - 21km

Damage - HE 4d6x100+400 per dual blast, AP 6d6x100 per dual blast

Rate Of Fire - 2 per melee

Payload - 130 dual blasts per gun

Bonuses - na

Weapon Type - dual 105mm guns (8)

Primary Purpose - anti-ship

Range - 17.6km

Damage - HE 2d4x100+300 per dual blast, AP 2d6x100 per dual blast

Rate Of Fire - 2 per melee

Payload - 160 dual blasts

Bonuses - na

Weapon Type - dual 37mm guns (8)

Primary Purpose - anti-aircraft

Range - 2000m

Damage - 9d6x10 per burst

Rate Of Fire - equal to gunners attacks

Payload - 150 bursts

Bonuses - na

Weapon Type - 20mm guns (20)

Primary Purpose - anti-aircraft

Range - 2200m

Damage - 4d6x10+30 per burst

Rate Of Fire - equal to gunners attacks

Payload - 200 bursts

Bonuses - na

Bonuses and Penalties

+1 strike with weapon systems

Cannot dodge

Systems of Note

Aircraft - 4 × Arado Ar 196

Targeting System

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