Blue Thunder1

"Blue Thunder," which is essentially a military-style combat helicopter intended for police use in surveillance and large-scale civic disobedience. With powerful armament, stealth technology that allows it to fly virtually undetected, and other accoutrements (such as infrared scanners, powerful microphones and cameras, and a U-Matic VCR), Blue Thunder appears to be a formidable tool in the war on crime.

Model Type - Blue Thunder

Class - Assault Helicopter

Crew - 2 + 2 passengers

SDC By Location

Main Body - 450

Tail - 220

Main Rotor - 110

Tail Rotor - 50

Landing Skids - 75

Engine - 275

20mm Cannon Turret - 100

AR - 12

Armour - stops upto and including teh equivalent of standard 14.7mm rounds


Flying - 240kph

Range - 600km

Ceiling - 3 900m


Height - 3.56m

Length - 15.1m

Width - 3.1m

Weight - 2.1 tons empty, 3.6 tons operational

Cargo - minimal crew gear

Power System - 2 x 618 hp (461 kW) powerplants

Cost - $5 million developmental costs


Weapon Type - 20mm gatling gun

Primary Purpose - Anti-aircraft/vehicle

Range - 2000m

Damage - 2d4x10+10 per round.

Rate Of Fire - bursts only equal to pilots attacks. use gatling gun rules

Payload - 1000 rounds

Bonuses - +1 strike

Bonuses and Penalties

Use Vehicle Combat Elite

Systems of Note
BlueThunder2 - Allen B Ury

Radio/Video Communications Systems - Wide band and directional, radio and video telecast capabilities. Range is 1500 miles (2400km) or can be boosted indefinitely via satellite relay.

Advanced Infra-Red Imager – Forward looking infa-red imager that detects and identifies targets based on their heat signatures. Range – same as Radar.

External Audio Pickup - Sound amplification listening system. Range: 1000ft (305m)

Loudspeaker - Loudspeaker system that can amplify the pilot's voice up to 100 decibels.

External Video Surveillance System - A video camera relays images to a cockpit monitor. 360 degree rotation. Range: 1200ft (183m). Telescopic capabilities: x100 magnification.

Telescopic Optical Enhancement- Range: 3000ft (915m). Field of vision: 140 degrees

Spotlights - Range: 1000ft (305m)

Helmet-controlled gun turret and Target Acquisition and Designation System (TADS)

Passive/Active Stealth - -3 on perception checks to detect the helicopter.

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