Ng canam

The Canam was deigned and produced for the more independent wilderness dweller who traveled light. Much like it's other civilian vehicles, the Canam was agile and well equipped to be driven over almost any kind of terrain and a good rate of speed. While unarmed as sold, it is easy to modify and add a weapon or two to the system though in most cases the weapon will need it's own power source to be used.

Model Type - Canam

Class - Tracked civilian all terrain transport

Crew - 1 + 1 passenger (can add two passengers VERY uncomfortably if no cargo carried)

MDC By Location

Main Body/fuselage - 50

Independent treads (4) - 10ea

Independent Suspension brackets (4) - 12ea

Cabin - 35

Engine Compartment - 40

Armour - Stops up to and including standard .50cal rounds.


Ground - 80mph (130kph) over open terrain and raods, 50mph (80kph) on rough terrain

Range - Can operate for 4 weeks on solid oxide cells, 400 miles/640km on gasoline or diesel, and 1000 miles/1600km on a full charge electric battery


Height - 5ft/1.52m

Length - 10ft/3.0m

Width - 5ft/1.52m

Weight - 650lbs/295kg

Cargo - minimal, equal to three moderately sized suitcases

Power System - Solide Oxide powered drive train, Gas/Diesel powered combustion engine, electric motor

Cost - 475 000 for solid oxide, 95 000 for gas/diesel, or 160 000 for electric


None but can be equipped


+2 dodge

Systems of Note

Standard instrumentation package (speedometer, range, engine temp, etc)

References Used

Can-Am Youtube video

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