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'''Martial Arts Damages for different strength levels in Rifts'''

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This is where I share other people's (members of my personal forums specifically) ideas and contributions to gaming. I am sharing this material with their permission. This material was originall posted on my personal forums.

The Gifter

A place hosting the fan made Gifter done in the same vein/fashion as the Rifter by Palladium Books with all fan material and art for use with Palladium's games. Contributors are accredited in the individual files.

Rifter NPC Fodder -

Death Whisper - Character -

The Gifter Issue 5 -

The Gifter Issue 6 -

The Gifter - Zombie Island -

The Gifter - GM Shield -

Alternate Robotech

As done by Rabid Southern Cross Fan in a variation of the d6 system by West End Games (WEG)

Body Armours of Robotech

VHT-1 Spartan Veritech Hovertank

Jedi/Sith OCC by striderkage

Martial Arts Damages for different strength levels in Rifts

XP Tracking Program

Created by Joshua Krebs

MD Humans and Wormwood by Ninjabunny

Herbert West Formula by Ninjabunny

Cthulu on Rifts Earth!!! by Ninjabunny!!!_by_Ninjabunny

All items (55)

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