This is where I share other people's ideas and contributions to gaming. I am sharing this material with their permission. This material was originall posted on my personal forums.

The Gifter

A place hosting the fan made Gifter done in the same vein/fashion as the Rifter by Palladium Books with all fan material and art for use with Palladium's games. Contributors are accredited in the individual files.

Rifter NPC Fodder -

Death Whisper - Character -

The Gifter Issue 5 -

The Gifter Issue 6 -

The Gifter - Zombie Island -

The Gifter - GM Shield -

Alternate Robotech

As done by Rabid Southern Cross Fan in a variation of the d6 system by West End Games (WEG)

Body Armours of Robotech

VHT-1 Spartan Veritech Hovertank

Jedi/Sith OCC by striderkage

XP Tracking Program

Created by Joshua Krebs

MD Humans and Wormwood by Ninjabunny

Herbert West Formula by Ninjabunny

Cthulu on Rifts Earth!!! by Ninjabunny!!!_by_Ninjabunny

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