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This page will list any new items I create as well as any changes I have made to the published material for the game Rifts

OCC's - http://worldofjaymz.wikia.com/wiki/Rifts_OCCs

Equipment -

Standard Sensors/Features of Robots, Power Armour, Vehicles and Aircraft - http://worldofjaymz.wikia.com/wiki/Standard_Sensors_and_Equipment_for_Robots,_Power_Armour,_Vehicles_and_Aircraft

Power Armour


PA-06i Infantry SAMAS - http://worldofjaymz.wikia.com/wiki/PA-06i_Infantry_SAMAS



Cree Helitank - http://worldofjaymz.wikia.com/wiki/Cree_Class_Helitank


Setting - CS Military Gear as of 110 PA - http://worldofjaymz.wikia.com/wiki/CS_Gear_110PA

Spell Changes for Rifts -

Psionic Power Changes for Rifts -

Equipment Changes in RUE/RMB - http://worldofjaymz.wikia.com/wiki/Equipment_Changes_to_RUE/RMB

Equipment Changes in SB1/SB1R - http://worldofjaymz.wikia.com/wiki/Equipment_Changes_to_Sourcebook_1_and_Revised

Equipment Changes in Mercenaries - http://worldofjaymz.wikia.com/wiki/Equipment_Changes_to_Rifts_Mercenaries

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