Here you will find several older websites (and some not so old) archived as PDFs in the unfortunate case of them possibly being lost in the future. I will also be adding many things I had printed off back in the day (late 90's/early 2000's). These files may not be of the best quality at times. Also it seems acrobat does not like gifs and thus does not covert them. So my apologies I hope what is in the files finds some use to you.


Quality if Rifts

This was one mans mission to recreate Rifts in what he termed as in some semblance of sense. Love his ideas or hate them, the one thing he did, was love Rifts in his own way. The creator has since passed away and he lives on in his works here for us.

Zachary Houghton's Interview with Kevin Siembieda

As the title suggests this is an interview with Kevin by Zachary Houghton. I had to include this as an insight to how Kevin thinks.


Robotech RPG

A general site with basic tech info on a variety of things. Creator is credit on the pages.

Robotech Research

Another site that is still available online again I felt it should still get archived in one place for that just in case moment. Another excellent resource, for the Robotech gamer, by Kenneth Olson.

The Unofficial Robotech Reference Guide (uRRG)

This is hte tech source we all know and love I am sure so her eit is in a pdf in case it ever goes the way of the dodo.

The Imai Files

These were put up by Roger Harkavay and while he has them up on a page I thought it a good idea to make them available here as well.

Robotech 3 New Macross

This was done by the Artist Formerly Known as Taffy and someone that went by James9653

UN Spacy Database

Still available online but archiving it anyway.

While technically not Robotech, being Macross this is an appropriate place for it in my opinion. The work done by Daniel Henwood is excellent by and large even if I don't agree with the game stats themselves.

Stan Bundy's Stuff

Here is a collection of Stan's stuff. Still available mostly there are 4 files covering everything hopefully.

EBSIS Anti-UN Power

While still available online, it is another one that is obscure to some. Put online by LordZiba

This pdf includes Macross Mecha designs, Third Invid War and the Garland files originally put online by Dave Dietrich. It is right now still available online but who knows for how long so I have archived it here.

Armies of the Southern Cross Recruitment Manual

This was a site that was, as the subject states, all about the Armies of the Southern Cross. It was quite in depth and extensive. It also hosted a page call the Hellcat Squadroom that had some interesting things as well and it is part of the pdf file.

The site was by Nathan Babcock. Also all contributing writers are listed within the document as well.

Star Wars

Tie X Series Netbook

Short but pretty good. Author unknown. Starts with a Tie X1 and culminates with the Tie Advanced (Avenger). My apologies for the poor OCR. It was originally scanned in from a printout I had and the toner had been fading when I originally printed like 10 years ago.

T-65 X-Wing Netbook

By the same author as the Tie X netbook (Unknown) this one was a much better print off so the text recognition worked out much better after being scanned in.

BTS Y-Wing Netbook

Also done by the same author as the Tie X and X-Wing netbooks (unknown) it is also very good and fills in a variety of design evolution.

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