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General overview of Fortress City Chi-Town (Capital of the Coalition States)

Location – 80 miles southwest of old Chicago (Essentially beside Colfax Il.)

Population – 2+ million

Height - 1.6km/1 mile

Sides - 3.2km/2 miles per side. 10.24sq km/4sq mile footprint at the base.

Main Wall angle – approximately 70 degrees

Interior space - 70 square miles of total “living floor space". Each level is 30m high with a 10m ceiling/floor above it separating it from the next level above for a 40m average height per level. Levels 1-5 are 2.8km to a side. Levels 6-10 are 2.6km to a side. Levels 11-15 are 2.4km to a side. Levels 16-20 are 2.2km to a side. Levels 21-25 are 2.0km to a side. Levels 26-30 are 1.8km to a side. Levels 31-35 are 1.4km to a side. Levels 36-40 are 1.2km to a side.

Main lower section (levels 1-30)

It has a 4 lane (2 in each direction) ring road highway. The outer counterclockwise lanes will give access to up ramps on its east side length while the inner clockwise lanes will give access to down ramps on its west side length. There will also be 2 pairs of crossroads (4 roads total), one pair running north south and one pair running east west. These roads are evenly spaced which divides each of levels 1-30 into nine blocks These will be then supplemented by a variety of “side streets" and walkways throughout the level. Each levels layout of “blocks”, where residential, commercial, industrial areas may be, are different from each other making each level feel like a mini-town with in the city.

It will also have 3 tracks for a monorail transit system running above the ring highway. All tracks run counterclockwise. The outer track spirals up each level on its north length while the inner track spirals down each level on its southern length. The center track is dedicated to its level and just circles with 2-3 stops per side, 8-12 total depending on the specific level. The inner and outer tracks crossover at levels 1 and 30 creating a continuous loop of transit for the entire main lower section of 30 levels. Supplementing these trains on each level are both husband taxi services.

Starting at level 5 and then repeated at levels 10, 15, 20, and 25 , the up sections of both the monorail and ring road highway have simple security checkpoints you must go through to proceed to the next 5 level “section". This is mirrored on the down sections on levels 26, 21, 16, 11, and 6.

Main upper section (levels 31-40)

Before you can even access level 31 or above you have to pass through a more thorough security check point on level 30. Only citizens with the proper clearance (primarily a residence there) and their pre-authorized guests may continue up. There are also work and Visitor passes available but take time to acquire. Additional security check points of this nature are at levels 35, 37, and 39 with each subsequent checkpoint being tighter in security than the previous.

The upper section has no rail or bus transit but does have taxi services.

The ring road highway continues up into the upper section of the city but it is reduced to a single lane in each direction. Servicing it at this point is a single crossroad running east west and one running north south dividing these top ten levels into quadrants. There are also fewer “side streets" at these levels as well with fewer and fewer of the each level up you go. Each level and the layout of their quadrants are different from each other giving them each their own unique feel similar to the levels in the lower section.

The “roof" sections

The is a 200 meter ledge at the top of the main lower section that surrounds the upper section. Only military craft are allowed to land in this area.

The very top of the city has a number of landing pads that are mostly used for the military but also allows for some civilian use.

Level overviews

Levels 1-4 – some military but mostly heavy industrial (manufacturing and assembly)

Levels 5-22 – normal residential, retail, restaurants, medical clinics, some manufacturing etc

Levels 22-30 – higher standard of living and quality of businesses than levels 5-22

Levels 31-35 – this is the beginning of the upper to high class residents of the city. More parks and “green spaces" are scattered around these levels. Businesses here are more of boutique or custom nature. Residences are typically houses with yards or 3-5 story condo buildings. Very much more open air than the levels in the lower section of the city.

Levels 36-40 – the elite of the elite, university, military officers academy, among other things. It also houses The official residence of the emperor and his family and advisors. The residence is a larger estate in the very center of level 40.

All levels have ISS and NT-SET precincts in varying numbers.

Average interior height per level - 30m (add an additional 10m to account for duct work, pipes, ventilation, and support structures between levels.....and more)

Internal defenses – There are a number of weapons embedded in the walls and ceiling which have been rarely needed or used. The vast majority of internal security and defense is handled by the ISS supplemented with the Psi-Battalion, NT-Set, and when necessary the army.

Each level in the lower section projects an artificial sky on the "ceiling" in a normal day/cycle. Also there is a "rain" system located over all of the parks.

Each level in the upper section, in addition the artificial sky and rain system of the lower section levels, also projects a false horizon on the interior walls.

Outer Shell/Walls

At level 1 (ground level), centered on each wall facing is a main "civilian" gate (4 total). These main gates are where vehicles and such can enter and exit the city. Centered between the main gate and each corner is a secondary "civilian" gate (8 total). These gates are primarily for foot traffic so to speak. All gates have multiple high security check points to get into the city. On each corner of the structure is a main Military gate. This gate allows the equivalent of 2 Robot or tank platoons (8 robots or tanks) in formation. Note - combustion engine type vehicles are NOT permitted within the walls of the city.

Starting at the equivalent of levels 6, 11, 16, 21, 26, 31, and 36 there are 100m tall hangers embedded within, evenly spaced all around the exterior. These bays are used to launch all manner of Samas, skycycles, helicopters, deaths head transports and other military air craft. There are dozens of bays located in in the walls in this manner

Above and below these hangers is where the numerous weapon emplacements (laser and rail cannons and all size of missile launchers) along with a wide assortment of communication and sensor arrays are located.

The alternating spaces between the hangers on the lower section, and unseen from the outside, are quick moving heavy lift shafts. Each lift can access the hangers each side via a large tunnel. They can also access the interior at each level. These lifts travel the outer wall from sub-level 5 all the up to the roof of level 30. The upper section also has lifts that are set up the same way running from level 31 to the roof of level 40.

The space between the hangers where the lifts are not running is where the ventilation, plumbing, waste, and garbage removal run to facilities in sub-level 3 for waste/garbage disposal, reclamation, and recycling.


Sub-level 1 - heavy industrial manufacturing of numerous parts and items. This level is 200m in depth and 3.0km to a side.

Sub-level 2 - primary facilities and armouries for ISS, NT-SET, and the CS army. Also located here are medium security detention centers, It is 200m in depth and 3.2km to a side.

Sub-level 3 – maximum security detention center, waste/garbage disposal/reclamation/recycling facilities, air scrubbers, and surveillance facilities. This level is 200m in depth and 3.4km to a side.

Sub-level 4 – large hydroponics and meat growth labs, genetic labs and mutant animal nurseries, additional medical labs and research facilities. It is 200m in depth and 3.4km to a side.

Sub-level 5 – located here are the primary geo-thermal power plants, secondary nuclear power plants, many vaults, research facilities, the secretly relocated chi-town library, and maximum security residences for the royal family and the majority of high command and their immediate staff. It is 600m in depth and 3.6km to a side.

Additional "defenses"

Surrounding the city are 3 Anti-Magic Incursion rings with the inner most almost literally touching the corner points of the city structure with the outermost being just beyond the current edge of the burbs and the middle ring being centered between the other two. While not perfect they have been slowly and steadily increased in efficiency over the last 50 years of their operation to the point that a magic user has a better chance of sneaking into the city via mundane means than trying to teleport. This has seen the occurrence such teleporting incursions drop very significantly over the decades compared to when they'd be a fairly frequent post Federation war of the early first century PA. Only high command and very select number of others in security and the military know of these rings existence as they truly are. (This is basically the AMI concept as first detailed in the Rifter 37 article about Ft Laredo)

For those that want to keep the more "conical" (not canonical) shape shown in RUE....changes are as follows:

Overall Diameter 3.56km/2.225 miles at ground level.

Ground level Foot print - 9.95sq km/3.89sq miles

"Living Floor Space" = 181.8sq km/ 70.203sq miles

Main wall angle = between 65 and 70 degrees

Main Levels

Levels 1-5 would need to be 3.160km in diameter (as opposed to 2.8 per side)

6-10 = 2.934km (as opposed to 2.6)

11-15 = 2.708km (versus 2.4)

16-20 = 2.482km (versus 2.2)

21-25 = 2.256km (versus 2.0)

26-30 = 2.030km (versus 1.8 )

31-40 = 1.580km (versus 1.4 of levels 31-35 and keeping the "straight" walls as shown inside the cover of RUE)


1 = 3.384km in diameter (versus 3.0km per side)

2 = 3.610km (versus 3.2km)

3-4 = 3.836km (versus 3.4km)

5 = 4.062km (versus 3.6km)

The Main "civilian" and Military gates (8 total) would be evenly spaced around the circumference of the structure at ground level with the secondary "civilian" gates (8 total of these as well) would be equally centered between all of the main gates.

The inner most AMI ring would literally follow the contour of the structures base circumference.

Also crossroads on each level would be changed to evenly spaced "spokes" dividing the levels of the main lower section in 8 slices instead of 9 blocks. Main upper section would still remain divided as 4 quarters.

Everything else still works exactly as intended.

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