This OCC is meant more for NPC's but depending on the type of campaign could be the basis of a Character picked up along the way or a character that is in more of a supporting role. It can also represent the average citizen of a town in that every town has people skilled in a variety of things.

Alignment - Any

Racial Restrictions - None

OCC Skills

Native Language 80%

2 Domestic of Choice - +5%

Pick one from: Forced March, Horsemanship, Pilot Automobile or Motorcyle - +10% where applicable

Streetwise (Knowledge of your home area) - +10%

No HTH training but get it: HTH Basic - 1 other skill, Expert - 2 other skills, Martial Arts - 4 MOS and other skills


Pick 2 skills at +15% from one of the following Categories and are considered professional level:

Communications, Cowboy, Domestic, Electrical, Mechanical, Medical, Pilot (No Military), Science, Technical or Wilderness

OCC Related Skills

Choose 2 skills, +1 at levels 4, 8, 12 and 15

Communications - Any except - Cryptography, ECM and Laser Communications (unless Communications is an MOS) +10%

Cowboy - None unless MOS

Domestic - Any +10%

Electrical - Basic Only unless MOS +10%

Espionage - None

Horsemanship - None unless Cowboy MOS taken

Mechanical - Basic only unless MOS +10%

Medical - First Aid only unles MOS +10%

Military - None

Physical - Any

Pilot - Any except military

Pilot related - any except Weapon Systems +10%

Rogue - None

Science - Basic Math only unles MOS +10%

Technical - Any +10%

WP - Restricted to: Knife, Handguns, Rifles, Energy Pistols, Energy Rifles

Wilderness - None if from a City, any if from a country/rural area

Secondary Skills

Choose 2 using the secondary skill restrictions in Rifts Ultimate Edition. +1 Secondary skill at levels 3, 6, 9 and 14


Various sets of clothing for both recreational and work related duties. A place to live (appropriate to their station in life ie successful or poor etc). A vehicle appropriate to where they live and their skill and depending on their station in life. Various typical creature comforts (appropriate to where they live and again their station in life).


Could be anywhere from 1d4x100 credits per month up to 5d6x100 credits per month depending on the specific occupation and/or where you are living. The higher levels are typically meant for very specialized professions and even then would only be that high if their services were rare in the area or town.


1d4x100 in savings


None typically but may have a bio-system for medical reasons.

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