Old cs armour

The following was created to replace 5 different classes with 1 class to cover them all. (Grunt, Military Specialist, RPA Elite, RPA Fly Boy, Tech Specialist)

Also with MOST classes I find the skill bonuses the receive are insiginificant typically and these characters are in fact relatively incompetent with thier skills until they get to 5th level or better. I think being trained means you should be relatively good with your skills. Use penlaties to show the difficulty of the task instead of skill incompetence. This may be my own issue but I don;t think I am alone. If you think they are too high then, if you use this class, drop the bonuses to 10-15%.

Also you will notice a couple of skills that are not in the RUE. Jogging is from Rifter #19. If you do not have this issue then just replace it with Running (though as it does now, doing so will allow your character to run the 4 minute mile if not better). There are other skills as well. Military History and Tactics. Use Naval History and Tactics as the basis for the skill percentages.

OCC - Coalition Soldier

ABILITIES - None beyond there training below.
Old cs helmets



RACIAL REQUIREMENTS - Must be Human (there is the VERY rare eception in which a Dog-Boy MAY be trained in this OCC)

AGE - First Level Characters will typically be 16 + 1d4 years old.

Special Note 1 - Skills below obviously do not include any possible IQ bonuses and at 1st level proficiency

Special Note 2 - If an IQ is 14 or higher, starting OCC Related Skills can be forfeited in order to take a second MOS.

Cs field and dress uniforms

Language - American 90%

Literacy - American 40%

Radio Basic 70%

Sensors 55%

Domestic - Pick 1 +10%

Wilderness Survival 45%

Forced March (+2 PE, +1d4 SPD, +2d6 SDC)

General Athletics(+1 parry/dodge, +1 roll with punch/impact, +1 PS, +1d6 SPD, +1d8 SDC)

Swimming 65%

Jogging (+1 PE, +1d4 SPD, +1d6 SDC)

Pilot Automobile, Hovercar, motorcyle or hovercycle +25%

General Navigation 65%

Math - Basic 70%

WP Handgun

WP Energy Handgun (+1 strike)

WP Rifle (+1 strike)

WP Energy Rifle

WP Knife (+1 parry, +1 strike thrown)

Hand To Hand - Basic (4 Attacks per melee, +2 pull punch, + 2 roll with punch/impact)

Range Combat - Infantry (4 attacks per melee, Burst damage x2/x3/x4/x6)

Cs uniforms 2

Choose an MOS from the following list. This will be the characters "job" in most cases within the CS military.


IQ - 12, PP - 12

Detect Ambush 55%

Detect Concealment 50%

Intelligence 47%

Land Naviagation 61%

Surveillance 45%

WP Sub-Machine Gun/Carbine (+1 strike)

WP Energy Carbine


IQ - 12

Basic Electronics 55%

Basic Mechanics 55%

Demolitions 85%

Demolitions Disposal 85%

Trap/Mine Detection 45%

Concealment 45%

WP Grenade Launcher

Cs uniforms 4

PE - 10

Land Naviagtion 51%

WP - Pick 3 of choice

Physical - Pick 2 of choice +10% where applicable

Pilot - Pick 2 of choice (No military, so Cars trucks etc) +25%

Heavy Weapons/Gunner

PS - 12, PE - 12

WP Grenade Launcher (+1 strike)

WP Heavy Weapons (+1 strike)

WP Heavy MD Weapons

WP Missile Launchers

WP Weapon SYstems (+1 strike)

Body Building (+2 PS, +10 SDC)

Cs crest 1

PP - 12

WP - Weapon Systems (+1 strike)

Pilot - Pick 4 Ground OR 4 Air (No Robots, Power Armours, Jet fighers or Sky/Rocket Cycles)

Vehicle Or Aircraft Combat Elite - Pick 2

Vehicle or Aircraft Combat Basic (4 attacks per melee)


IQ - 12, PP - 14

Pilot Robots 81%

Pilot Power Amour 81%

Robot Combat Basic (4 Attacks per melee)

Robot Combat Elite - Pick 1 (4 attacks per melee +1 strike ranged, +2 dodge)

Power Armour Combat Basic

Power Armour Combat Elite - Samas

WP Heavy Weapons (+1 strike)

WP Heavy MD Weapons

WP Weapon Systems (+1 strike)

WP Missile Launchers

RPA Fly Boy
Cs uniforms 5

IQ - 12, PP - 14

WP Weapon Systems (+1 strike)

Pilot Jet Fighters 65%

Pilot Sky Cycles/Rocket Cycles 95%

Pilot Death's Head Transports 40%

Pilot Combat Helicopter

Pilot - Pick 1 Aircraft +25%

Air Combat Elite - Sky Cycles/Rocket Cycles (4 attacks per melee, +1 strike ranged, +2 dodge)

Air Combat Elite - Pick 1 (4 attacks per melee, +1 strike ranged, +2 dodge)

Air COmbat Basic (4 attacks per melee)


IQ - 12

Cryptography 50%

ECM 55%

Laser Communications 55%

TV/Video Systems 50%

Basic Electronics 55%

Language - Pick 3 +25%

Electronics and Computers
Cs uniforms 3

IQ - 14

Basic Electronics 55%

Basci Mechanics 55%

Computer Operations 65%

Computer Programming 55%

Computer Hacking 45%

Computer Repair 55%

Communications - Pick 2 +15%


PS - 12

Basic Mechanics 55%

Basic Electronics 55%

Auto Mechanics 50%

Aircraft Mechanics 50%

Computer Operations 65%

Vehicle Armourer 55%

Electrical or mechanical - pick 2 +15%


PS - 12

Basic Mechanics 55%

Basic Electronics 55%

Vehicle Armourer 55%

Pilot Robots 91%

Pilot Power Armour 91%

Robot Electronics 55%

Robot Mechanics 45%

Computer Operations 65%


IQ - 14

General Repair and Maintenance 60%

Basic Mechanics 55%

Basic Electronics 55%

Computer Operations 65%

Mechanical/Electrical - pick 4 +15%


IQ - 14

First Aid 70%

Paramedic 65%

Field Surgery 41%

Biology 55%

Chemistry - Basic 55%

Chemistry - Analytical 50%

Computer Operations 65%

Military Specialist
Cs crest 2

IQ - 14, MA - 14, ME - 14

Pilot - Pick 2 of choice +25%

WP - Pick one of choice

Land Navigation 61%

Cryptography 50%

Military Ettiquette 60%

Tactics 50%

Military History 55%

Intelligence 57%


Pick 8 skills +1 at Levels 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14

COMMUNICATIONS - None unless Communications MOS is taken then any +15%


DOMESTIC - Any +10%

ELECTRICAL - Basic only unless Elctronics and Computers MOS is taken +10%

ESPIONAGE - None unless Scout/Pointman or Military specialist MOS is taken then any +15%


MECHANICAL - Basic only unless Robotics or Mechanic MOS is taken +10%

MEDICAL - None unless Medic MOS is taken then any +15%

MILITARY - Any +15%

PHYSICAL - Any +10%

PILOT - Basic Vehicles only (Trucks, cars, motor boat) +10% unless Pilot/Driver, RPA Elite or Military Specialist MOS is taken then any +15%


ROGUE - None unless Scout/Pointman or Military Specialist MOS is Taken then any +15%


TECHNICAL - Any +10%


WILDERNESS - None unless Scout/Pointman MOS is taken then any +15%


Pick 6 skills using the Secondary Skill list in Rifts Ultimate Edition. +1 at levels 2, 3, 5, 7, 9, 13 and 15

New cs armour

Medium or Heavy Armour depending on Deployment. Sidearm and Rifle (energy or non energy) with 4 extra clips of ammunition depending on deployment. 1 Vibro-knife, 1 additional weapon of choice, 4 grenades, 4 Flares, Survival Knife, Utlilty Belt and Bandoleer, Air Filter/Gas Mask, Hand Held CB Radio, Mini tool kit (for standard equipment maintenance), Flashlight, Backpack, Uniform, Boots and a Canteen round out typical deployment gear. (RPA Elite and Flyboys will likely have thier extra gear stowed in a vehicle that is accompaniying the unit)

When not deployed, Enlisted personnel share a 4 bedroom apartment with common room, kitchen and bathroom. NCO's share a 2 bedroom apartment with a common room, kitchen and Bathroom. Officers have a single bedroom apartment to themselves with a common room, kitchen and bathroom. Any personnel with a family can apply for family housing however officers are automiatically accomodated. Each dwelling has the modern comforts of home: TV/Video, Communications (telephone), audio systems, air conitioning etc.



Replace Rifle with a Carbine or SMG (energy or non energy). Digital Mapping/Map reading device.


Explosives dependant on deployment and mission.


Additional weapons with 4 additional clips of ammunition for each depending on deployment

Heavy Weapons

Weapons appropriate to weapon proficiencies known. Post 105 PA also replace armour with exoskeletal armour for utilizing even heavier weapons.

RPA Elite

Replace Amour with appropriate Power Armour (Typically a SAMAS)

RPA Flyboy

Appropriate aircraft assigned according to the Flyboy's skills.


Assigned vehicle appropriate to Drivers skills.


Full Field Communications Rig when deployed in the field


Appropriate tools for doing work in the field when deployed.


Appropriate tools for doing work in the field when deployed.


Appropriate tools for doing work in the field when deployed.


Appropriate tools for doing work in the field when deployed.


Full Field medical Kit when deployed in the field (This includes IRMSS kits, RMK's etc)

Military Specialist

Weapons appropriate to skills with 4 additional clip sof ammunition for each


Weapons, ammunition, explosives and virtually anything within reason can be requested and assigned to the soldier. Availability of said items is dependant on the assignment, actual availability and the soldiers own background and relationship with thier commanding officer.


Scout/Pointman, Demolitions, Soldier/Grunt, Heavy Weapons - Starts as a Private. 1700 credits per month. Starts with one months pay in savings plus living quarters shared with 4 other of his OCC.

RPA Elite, Driver/Pilot, Communications, Electronics/Computers, Mechanic, Robotics, Technician, Medic - STarts as a Corporal 1800 credits per month. Starts with one months pay in savings plus living quarters shared with 4 other of his OCC.

Military Specialist - Starts as a 2nd Lieutenant. 2500 per month. Starts with one months pay in savings plus single person living quarters unless approved fora family dwelling to live with his/her family.

Pay increase is 1750 per month for a Private 1st class, 1800 per month for a Corporal, 1900 per month for a Seargent, 2000 per month for a Staff Seargent, 2050 per month for a Seargent 1st class, 2100 per month for a Master Seargent, 2200 per month for a Seargent Major, 2300 per month for a Command Seargent Major, 2500 per month for a 2nd Lieutenant, 2800 per month for a 1st Lieutenant, 3500 per month for a Captain, 4500 per month for a Major, 5500 per month for a Lt Colonel, 7000 per month for a Colonel, 12000 per month for Brigadie General, 16000 per month for a Major General, 20000 per month for a Lt General, 25000 for a General, 40000 for the General of the Army.


none to start but could have bio systems and/or bionics at a later time or as replacements from combat injuries.

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