Combat round/turn

Each round is 15 seconds and consists of three 5 second combat turns.

Each player gets 3 turns to try and do something. What they can do is determined by how many actions they have per turn which is determined by how many total actions they have. See below

Actions – action per turn x/y/z

2 – 1/1/0
3 – 1/1/1
4 – 2/1/1
5 – 2/2/1
6 – 2/2/2
7 – 3/2/2
8 – 3/3/2
9 – 3/3/3
10 – 4/3/3
11 – 4/4/3
12 – 4/4/4

Players may borrow actions from the next turn but not the next round.


There are 4 movement types. Walk, jog, run, Sprint

Walk = SPD x1 in feet
Jog = SPD x3 in feet but incurs a -3/-15% penalty to any attack rolls
Run = SPD x5 in feet but incurs a -6/-30% penalty to any attack rolls (essentially attacking wild)
Sprint = SPD x10 in feet but no actions can be taken.

Example SPD 10

Walk is 10ft per turn Jog is 30ft per turn Run is 50ft per turn Sprint is 100ft per turn.

Note – sprinting can only be maintained for a number of turns equal to PE/2 before tiring begins to occur.

Combat Sequence

Step 1 Initiative

Each player rolls 1d20 adding or subtracting any relevant bonuses or penalties.

Step 2 Turn One

Each player declares and performs actions/attacks/etc in descending order of initiative

Attacking - roll 1d20 adding or subtracting any relevant bonuses or penalties - See HTH/Melee, Ranged, or Vehicle combat for specifics of these types of combat

Use a skill - roll a percentile adding and subtracting any relevant bonuses or penalties

Cast a Spell - see specific rules for magic

Use psychic ability - see specific rules for psionics

Use a special ability - see specific rules for special abilities (typically listed with the special ability in question)

Use a super power - see specific rules for super powers (See Heroes Unlimited Section)

Step 3 Take defensive actions if necessary

Parry - roll 1d20 plus any applicable bonuses and subtracting any relevant penalties. Parrying does not use an action.

Reflexive dodge - any one can try to dodge an attack without using an action. This dodge ONLY gets to add in any PP bonus the character may have and nothing else. This is similar but not quite the same as the auto-dodge a Juicer has.

Active dodge - this is a standard dodge that uses your full available bonuses but uses one of your actions for the combat turn.

Roll with punch/impact - must use an action to do this but does not require a roll to be successful. Reduce impact damage by half. Does not work against most energy weapons.

Make saving throws against magic, psionics or otherwise

Step 4 Apply results as needed

Apply and record any damage or effects that will affect the character being targeted - See doing and taking damage or individual effects of what was done from spells, psionics, etc.

Step 5 Repeat steps 2-4 for the second and third combat turn.

Step 6 After the 3rd combat turn is over then repeat steps 1-5 for the next subsequent combat rounds until the encounter is over.

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