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BACKGROUND (taken from M3 very very slight modification by me)

From M3

Agile, sturdy and heavily armed, the Siokorvsky Comanchero is a heavy attack helicopter used by the UEG Forces. With a pilot and co-pilot handling weapons, the Comanchero can utilize it's formidable array of rockets, missiles and guns against both air and ground targets. The Comanchero excels at close air ground support and anti-armor/anti-ground mecha attack.

It was a effective machine during and prior to the Global civil war and was selected for it's ability to undergo a refit of newer armour materials after the SDF-1 Crashed.

Model Type - Commanchero

Class - Helicopter Gunship

Crew - 2

MDC By Location

Main Body 140

Tail 80

Main Rotor 40

Tail Rotor 20

Cockpit 80

Engine 90

Winglets 35 ea

Hardpoints 15 ea

Armour - stops upto and including standard 15mm rounds

Note - This is the POST SDF-1 crash variant. For pre-crash multiply all Locations values by 5 to get the equivalent SDC values, Armour stops up to 12.7mm rounds and AR is 12.


Air - 482 kph

Range - 960 km


Height - 5.5m

Length - 17.0m

Width - 15.0m

Weight - 5.8 tons

Cargo - Minimal crew gear and survival equipment

Power System - 4 x Rolls Royce Gem 20 1200 shp chemical turboshaft engines


Weapon Type - 32mm autocannon

Primary Purpose - anti-vehicle

Range - 3500m

Damage - 4d6+3 per 10 round burst

Rate Of Fire - only fires short bursts equal to gunners attacks

Payload - 500 armour piercing rounds

Bonuses - na

Weapon Type - 12.7mm gatling gun

Primary Purpose - anti-infantry

Range - 1500m

Damage - 4d6 per 20 rounds burst

Rate Of Fire - only fires short bursts equal to gunners attacks

Payload - 2000 rounds

Bonuses - na

Weapon Type - Hardpoints (6, 3 per winglet)

Primary Purpose - anti-vehicle/mecha

Range - varies with payload

Damage - varies ith payload

Rate Of Fire - varies with payload

Payload - each hardpoint can carry a mini missile pod (10 missiles see missile table for types), Unguided rocket launcher (36 rockets, damage - 3d6 range 1000m) or 4 H.E. air to surface missiles.

Bonuses - na

Bonuses and penalties

Use vehicle combat training

+5% piloting rolls

Systems of Note

Night Vision

Tagerting system - +1 strike ranged

UV sensors

Radar - Range 100km

Radar Jammers (opponents are -5% to skill rolls)

Radar Warning receiver - Range 200 km

ECM (opponents are -1 stike when active)

Communications - range 500 km can be boosted via satellite relay

References Used for images and technical information

Macross Mecha Manual

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