A monster of vaguely anthropoid outline, with an octopus-like head whose face was a mass of feelers. a scaly, rubbery-like body, prodigious claws on hand and feet and long narrow wings behind it H.P Lovecraft's Call of Cthulhu

Cthulhu is the greatest and most powerful of the Greater Old ones! His power Dwarfs even the Great Xy, and are unmatched in the Megaverse. He Dwells deep with in the black city of R'lyeh still submerged deep blow the waves of the pacific ocean. But it will soon rise (if you want to end rift have him rise now!!) and Cthulhu will be freed of his living death, free to raven and slay across the world.In the city are entombed other members of Cthulhu race of which he is the exalted high priest and by far most potent.

Name: Great Cthulhu, Master of R'lyeh.

Age: Unknown (It is assumed he was at the big bang mocking the gods)

Height: 600 feet (but Cthulhu can control and change his height as he wishes)

Weight: 500 tons

Attributes: All Attributes are supernatural

IQ: 48

M.E: 36

M.A: 32

PS: 120

P.E: 40

P.P: 42

PB: 2

Spd: walking/running: 180

Flying: 115

swimming: 120

P.P.E 240,000

I.S.P: 18,000 (Master psionic With All psionic powers including super at tenth level.)

M.D.C: 500,000

Note: Dropping Cthulhu's MDC to zero cause him to burst and dissolves into a disgusting cloying green cloud, then immedatly begins to reform (1d10x10 minutes) once Reformed he will have 100,000 MDC!!

Abilities and powers:

Cthulhu has all the normal powers and abilities of an A.I.

Along with All Magic knowledge and the standard god powers (as detailed in Dragons and Gods). Most magic only cost Cthulhu 2/3rds it's normal cost and only cost one action to activate including rituals.

Cthulhu Can summon 1d6x10 minions at will per round

Attacks: 12

Can open a dimensional Rift at only half the cost!

Cthulhu is the last of the the major threats to Rifts earth and is the last of the deadly prophecies detailed in Plato of Lazlo's grand speech at the on set of Source book two. Any attempt to awaken the Old ones on rifts earth only helps to rise R'lyeh and awaken Cthulhu.

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