(By Bailey summers)
Electromagnetic shield

Image is not an exact representation but a visual reference as to what it may look like in application

LV: 9

Range: 50ft per level.

Area of effect: 20x20x20ft per level.

Duration: 6 minutes per level.

PPE: 80

Created by the Elven Leyline walker Kaeselani Cloudwood this spell creates a combination of turbulence force and levitation magic that forms an invisible dome ten feet thick. It halts most incoming physical objects and holds them in place. This was created by her as a shield vs bombing runs, mortars, artillery shelling and from air-to ground missile attacks. All will float in this barrier until their timers go off and will absorb any blast after they do.

There is no effective MDC for the spell.

Energy weapons are not impeded from this unless it block by trapped debris in the dome.

Bullets can pass through the dome since they are so small and have such focused kinetics but are -8 to hit from the turbulence.

The field can be walked through as well but for standard humans it feels incredibly thick like wet cement so it takes 4 attacks and are -10 strike/parry/dodge in those segments.

Enhanced beings like 'Bots, 'Borgs, Exo-suits/Power-Armour, Crazies and the like can do this in half the time and penalties. This applies to any large 'Bots over 10ft or vehicles as well.

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