The following is a list of various starships used by the Federation of Planets

250px-Utopia Planitia.png

Ambassador Class Cruiser -

Akira Class Heavy Cruiser -

Attack Fighter -

Constitution Class Cruiser -

Constitution Class Cruiser refit -

Excelsior Class Cruiser -

Defiant Class Escort -

Galaxy Class Cruiser -

Intrepid Class -

Luna Class Vessel -

Miranda Class Cruiser -

Nebula Class Cruiser -

New Orleans Class -

Nova Class Survey Vessel -

Oberth Class Science Vessel -

Prometheus Class -

Saber Class -

Sovereign Class Cruiser -

Steamrunner Class -

Star Trek Online

Gagarin Class Battlecruiser -

Buran Class Command Dreadnought -

Vesta Class -

Odyssey Class -

Pathfinder Class Explorer -

Europa Class Command Cruiser -

Nimitz Class Cruiser -

Bellerophon Long Range Science Vessel -

Somerville Long Range Science and Exploration Vessel -

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