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Developed by Golden Age Weaponsmiths as a cheap scouting craft for relatively open terrain, though with a bit of a punch, the Stinger is a capable enough vehicle in the field though not very useful for long term scouting. It is also very useful for flanking and ambush maneuvers when used in groups due to the firepower of its gun. Once out of ammo though, it's best best is haul out of it's position as fast as possible since that same firepower cannot be used while moving.

Model Type - Stinger Scooter

Class - Attack Scout Scooter

Crew - 1

MDC By Location

Main Body - 60

Front Shield - 40

Engine - 45

Wheels - 15ea

Cannon - 50

Ammo Canisters (3) - 30ea

Kickstand - 5

AR - 7

Armour - Stops up to and including the equivalent of standard 7.72mm rifle rounds.


Ground - 60kph over most relatively flat terrain. Cannot traverse rough terrain.

Range - Gasoline: 300km, Electric: 250km, Solid Oxide: 4 weeks or regular usage


Height - 0.865m

Length - 1.78m

Width - 0.745m

Weight - 125kg fully loaded

Cargo - By saddlebag only

Power System - Gasoline, Electric or Solid Oxide

Cost - Gasoline: 25 000, Electric: 35 000, Solid Oxide: 125 000


Weapon Type - Recoilless Cannon

Primary Purpose - Assault

Damage - 5d6 FRAG with a blast radius of 4m, 1d4x10 HE, 1d6x10 HEAT

Rate Of Fire - 1 per melee

Rate Of Fire - 1 per melee

Payload - 1, with 3 more shots mounted on board in canisters. Reload by hand. Standard Load is 1 HE in the weapon with 2 HE and a HEAT in the canisters

Bonuses - na

Note- vehicle cannot fire while moving

Systems of Note

Standard Instrumentation Package

Rudimentary Targeting System. No bonuses to strike.

Inertial Map/Navigation system

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