Brief overview of the Lazlo Defense Force. (LDF)

1 Corps infantry in 2 divisions (A significant number are in fact mechanized infantry with the APCs and vehicles to go with them)

1 Division mechanized forces (tanks, Robots, Power Armour)

1 Division air forces (Aircraft and power armour)

1 Division supernatural and augmented forces (dedicated units of magic users, psychics, supernatural beings, and other augmented beings like juicers, cyborgs, etc.)

1 Division engineers (Medical, technical, construction etc)

1 Division Naval (coast guard as well as other aquatic units throughout the nation state's territory)

1 Corps mixed reserves in 2 divisions (infantry, tanks, air craft, etc)

8 total Divisions for approximately 100 000 personnel

In addition to the dedicated defense forces there is as follows:

2 regiments of intelligence operatives

3 regiments of special forces

For approximately an additional 10 000 personnel.

Lazlo Defense Forces (LDF)

LDF infantry is equipped with body armour, rifle, sidearm/pistol, and 4 extra magazines for each. Additional equipment and supplies can include communication gear, field rations, survival gear, special weapons, etc, depending on assignment.

Aircraft 800 total (transport and combat)

Power armour 3600 total (ground and air)

Robots 800 total

Tanks and apcs 1000 total

Aquatic vessels - 120 (mostly smaller combat craft, tugs, and freighters at present)

Misc vehicles 2000 total (hover cars, hover cycles etc)

Special Note

The forces listed above is what would be considered Lazlo's "standing army" tasked with defense of the nation from external threats.

However Lazlo has significant forces currently heading to deal with the Xiticix threat. In fact this force as at least three times the size of the current LDF (possibly up to 400 000 strong in total) and is made up of some of Lazlo's own military as well as vast array of volunteers taken from the city, nation and surrounding communities, as well as refugees who had come to Lazlo after the war in Tolkeen. These refugees as well as those from non-state communities will be given, not just promised as the CS does, full citizenship in the Free State of Lazlo for them and their families, if they want it, in exchange for their service and sacrifices in this campaign. Those who accept can have their families immediately moved into the state and set up to live their lives as citizens while the volunteers are away.

The Xiticix campaign forces will be largely broken down similar to above with obvious exceptions throughout do to the specific personnel involved. Many of the "troops" will be armed similarly to the LDF and with equipment listed in the inventory section elsewhere. Additionally there will be those, who have volunteered to join, that will have their own equipment to use that will be repaired and replaced as best the Lazlo forces can while deployed.

If successful what forces remain will be brought home and mostly discharged into retirement or kept on as "reserves", if they choose, in order to allow them to go back to living their lives from prior to the campaign.

See page 118 in Rifts Worldbook 23 Xiticix Invasion for more information.

Note - essentially the expeditionary campaign forces will be the same as above for every 100 000 "troops" or so. That means several thousand robots, power armour, and vehicles in addition to the magic power that can and will be yielded.

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