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Designed for the ultra rich of the ultra rich, the Giga Yacht Double Century 570 is, for all intents and purposes, literally a floating palace. The accommodations and staff rival if not surpass those of the highest rated 6 star hotels. With it's nuclear turbine powerplant it can sail indefinitely without ever putting to port. Very much an island unto itself and perfect the person who truly wishes to get away from it all to thier own permanent sanctuary for an extended period of time.

Model Type - Double Century 570

Class - Giga Yacht

Crew - 56

Passengers and Staff - Upto 140 passengers and 100 staff

SDC By Location

Main Hull - 60 000

Hull per 50ft - 150

Decks - 5 000ea (9)

Helipads - 1 000ea (2)

Boat Launch - 1 000

Bridge - 4 000

Engine Propellers - ea (3)

Anchors - 3 000ea (2)

AR - 10

Armour - stops up to and including the equivalent of standard 20mm rounds


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Surface speed - 35 knots

Range - effectively unlimited


Height - 27m from waterline to the top of the ship

Length - 200m

Width - 25m at waterline

Weight - 40 000 tons displacement

Cargo - 1000s of tons

Power System - nuclear turbine

Cost - Approximately 1 billion dollars

Systems/Features of Note

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9 decks with the following:

Full modern sensor suite including sonar, radar, with ranges of 100km as well as standard instrumentation packages for speed heading and GPS.

Communications are satellite uplink with effectively unlimited planetary range (essentially super cellular technology) as well as short range radio with a range of 200km

50 luxury accommodation cabins and suites

126 seat theatre/stage

2 Helipads with a hanger for 1 helicopter as well

Boat launch with two 6 person motor boats carried on board.

Comfortable quarters for all crew and staff



Library with a Garden

2 outdoor and 1 indoor swimming pool

2 Large Jacuzzis


Large Dining salon

Full internet LTE wireless network

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