In combat, when you successfully attack someone or something, you deal damage. This is where we will explain how this works.

Dealing damage

After a successful attack, be it from a punch, a sword, or a gun, you will potentially do damage to your target.

As explained in the combat section there are certain target numbers you need to equal to roll over in order for the attack to be successful.

If the attack is successful you then roll whatever damage the attack generates, applying it to the target. Typically this damage is Structural Damage (SD) or Mega Damage (MD).

The target then reduces it's Structural Damage Capacity (SDC) or Mega Damage Capacity (MDC) by the amount of damage dealt to be applied.

Simple, right?

When dealing with unarmoured targets it really is that simple....for the most part.

Rolling with punch, fall, or impact

This allows a target to reduce damage dealt by half but costs an attack to do so.

This action is automatically successful, not requiring a die roll to succeed.


In several games (Rifts, Fantasy, and others) many if not all characters as well as vehicles entering into combat will also be wearing or have armour.

This protects the wearer from direct damage (more on that further down "Indirect damage") but itself will take damage in place of the wearer like above.

A successful attacker will roll damage to be dealt and applied to the target and the target will reduce the SDC or MDC of their amour or vehicle.

However, not all armour will take damage from everything it is hit with. Some armours are better than others and are capable of completely mitigating any and all damage done by some weapons with no ill effect to the armour itself.

There are a few notes that will reflect this in the armour's or vehicle's description, explained below:

Armour Rating (AR) - This indicates how difficult it is to damage the armour. Your attack roll must equal or exceed the AR value of the armour. If your attack is below the AR value your attack has done no damage to the armour (though the wearer may still take indirect damage from the impact of the attack. See further down). Consider it a glancing blow or just nto quite direct enough of a hit on the armour to do any damage.

Stopping Power (SP) - This is where it will indicate if there are any weapons the armour will just automatically stop regardless of how well you hit. These weapons just cannot damage the armour whatsoever.

Weakness (Weak) - This is where it will indicate at what point a weapon attack can actually ignore the AR. This is effective a weapon that is so powerful the AR is irrelevant to the damage being dealt and damage is just applied to the armour as if there was no AR. These weapon always damage the armour.

Non-Coverage (N-Cov) - This will detail any exposed areas of the armour if there are any. A Called shot is required, likely at a penalty, to hit these areas.

Special Notes (Spec) - This will indicate any special notes needed to be known about the Armour used.

(Note - if a single shot cannot hurt the armour neither can a burst from that weapon)


Old Style Coalition Heavy Deadboy Armour

MDC By Location - See Page 261 RUE

AR - 10

SP - upto and including the equivalent of standard 7.62mm rounds (6d6sd/1d4md per single blast)

Weak - the equivalent of 75mm HE rounds (6d6x10sd/6d6md per single blast) or higher ignore AR.

N-Cov - Neck, Arm Pits, Inner Elbows, Back of the Knees, Feet.

Spec - All CS troops wear a MDC body glove (looks similar to a full wet-suit) that has protects each general area (body, arms, legs) with 10 MDC of protection as well as Combat boots that have 15 MDC.

The above is essentially the same information that will be given with any Body Armour, Exo-skeletal Armour (example: Flying Titan), Power Armour (example: Glitterboy), Cyborgs/Bots (Example: Skelebot), Aircraft (example: Skycycle), Combat Robot vehicles (example: Titan Combat Robot), and Vehicles (example: Mountaineer ATV)

Indirect Damage (Optional but I personally suggest using it to keep players on their toes)

Even when wearing armour or Power Armour the person inside may still get rattled around and take some minor damage from that.

Kinetic weapon attacks (Railguns, machine guns, missiles, rockets, and particle beams)

Even if no damage is dealt the impact of the attack may still cause some minor "bruising" to the person inside.

Take 1 point SD for every 10md (10sd) dealt if wearing Body Armour, for every 200 md (200sd) if wearing exo-skeletal armour, for every 30md (300sd) if in light power armour (250mdc or less), for every 40md (400sd) in heavy power amour (over 250mdc), or for every 50md if in a conventional vehicle or robot vehicle.

Note - Laser, Ion, and Plasma weapons will not cause this.

If Caught in a explosion

Take 1sd for every 20md in the explosion when wearing body armour, or for every 50md if wearing exo-skeletal armour. No effect otherwise.

Collisions/Ram attacks

Take 1sd for every 15mph of speed of the ramming vehicle if wearing body armour, every 25mph if wearing exo-skeletal armour, or every 50mph of speed if wearing light power armour (250mdc or less). No effect otherwise.


Take 1 sd for every 20ft of the fall if wearing body armour, every 40ft if wearing exo-skeletal body armour, every 60ft of fall if wearing power armour (of any kind), or every 100ft if in a vehicle.

There is also a chance the person may be stunned from an explosion, ram/collision, or fall

See page 356 Rifts Ultimate Edition "Chance of being Stunned" at upper left part of the page.

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