BACKGROUND (as per macross mecha manual)
Glaug-booster small

The Power Up Glaug attaches to the Glaug tactical pod and grants the mecha the capability of atmospheric flight. With the booster attached, the Glaug has enough fuel for long range flight, can handle atmospheric re-entry and possesses additional thrust and weaponry for aerial combat. The Power Up Glaug is fitted with six close-combat seeking missiles for added firepower.

Model Type - Glaug Armoured Vehilce

Class - Officer Air Vehicle

Crew - 1 Glaug Officer Pod

MDC By Location

Note - this is in addition to the locations of the Glaug Officer Pod

Main Body Armoured Vehicle - 350

Missile Launchers (12) - 125 ea

Engines (4) - 200 ea

Armour - stops upto and including the equivalent of standard 20mm rounds (2d4+1md)


Atmospehere - 4550kph at 30km altitude

Space - mach 10

Range - 4000km in space due to the need for reaction mass, effectively unlimited in atmosphere

note - feeds off of the Glaug power system


Height - 10.2m

Length - 23.9mm

Width - 16.2m

Weight - 81.8 tons

PS - See Glaug Officer Pod

Cargo - See Glaug Officer Pod

Power System - See Glaug Officer Pod


Note - this is addition to the weapons systems of the Glaug Officer Pod.

Weapon Type - Micro-Missile Launcher (12)

Primary Purpose - Anti-mecha

Range - 8km

Damage - 2d410

Rate Of Fire - volley of 1-12 missiles equal to pilots attacks

Payload - 18 micro missiles per launcher (216 total, equal to 2nd generation missiles)

Bonuses - +1 strike

Systems of Note

See Glaug Officer Pod

References Used

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