A large craft with a formidable armament, the Gnerl is the primary mass-production fighter for the Zentradi forces. Though possessing only a minimally aerodynamic hull, the Gnerl is nonetheless capable of operation within a planetary atmosphere by relying upon powerful thrusters and variable cant vectoring planes that double as control surfaces in an atmosphere. In space, the craft is ever more nimble and is capable of maintaining pace with the variable fighters of the UN Spacy. In combat, the Gnerl's primary weapon is a forward mounted, triple-barrel beam gun that can fire rapid bursts from the non-rotating barrels (the gun discharges from each barrel in sequence). In addition to the main gun, the Gnerl features six internal missile launchers capable of firing up to four missiles in a single volley. A reliable craft with plenty of firepower, the Gnerl was used extensively during Space War One.

Accomodation: pilot only
Dimensions: approx. length 20.6 meters Mass: unknown
Power Plant: thermonuclear reaction furnance
Propulsion: 3 x thermonuclear rockets; 3 x maneuvering thrusters; approximately 5 x high-maneuverability vernier thrusters
Design Features: 3 x large and 6 x small thrust vectoring planes on primary thrusters (with variable cant for turning, air deceleration and storage); camera main sensor (mounted forward above beam gun); three retractable landing skids (one forward two rear)

1 x non-rotating triple-barrel beam gun (mounted forward)
6 x missile launchers (mounted left, right and ventral on the fuselage)

Pilot Card -

Base Card -

Maneuver Dial Cover -

Maneuver Dial -

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