HK Aerial 2029

An HK-Aerial is referred to a wide variety of Skynet's large airborne VTOL-capable Non-Humanoid Hunter Killer. Derived from the original HK-Drone, it retains the form and maneuver system but on a much larger scale. With wingspans of up to 108 feet and a devastating array of under-slung and wing mounted lasers, missiles, and plasma cannons, the HK-Aerial is fearsome and terrifying to behold.

Often operating in support of ground sweeps by swarms of Series 800 Endoskeletons, they are one of the more dangerous targets for the members of the Resistance to engage.

HK-Aerials can be brought down by shoulder fired surface to air missiles

Model Type - HK Aerial

Class - Hunter Killer

SDC By Location

Wings (2) 1300

Tail 1200

Thruster Units (2) 1000

Head 950

Plasma Cannons 500 ea

Main Body 2000

AR - 14 (vehicle AR)

Armour - Stops all standard handgun rounds and upto and including 15mm rifle rounds. Explosive and ramjet rounds are still effective.


Flying - 600kph

Range - effectively unlimited


Height - 5.2m

Length - 34.2m

Width - 32.9m

Weight - several tons

Power System - Nuclear power cell


Weapon Type - Plasma Cannons (2)

Primary Purpose - Anti-vehicle

Range - 2000m

Damage - 2d4x100 per burst, 4d4x100 per dual burst

Rate Of Fire - equal to attacks per mele

Payload - effectively unlimited

Bonuses - na

Bonuses and penalties

attacks per melee - 6

+2 strike ranged

-1 dodge

Systems of Note

Advanced Optics system

Targeting systems

Combat computer

Thermal Imaging

Telescopic vision

Pilot VTOL 98%

Navigation 98%

Weapon Systems Skill

References Used

Terminator Wiki

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