HK-Drone Retracted

The HK-Drone, also known as T-1 Aerial is designed by Cyberdyne Research Systems to be an unmanned aerial weapons systems which the organization was attempting to market to various military powers prior to 2004. As thousands were produced, when Skynet came on line, it immediately had access to a small army of sophisticated tactical air craft. Post atomic holocaust humans would become quite familiar with them.

Model Type - HK Drone

Class - Hunter Killer

SDC By Location

Body 250

Wings (2) 150 ea

Tail 200

Thruster Units (3) 200 ea

Assault Guns (2) 50 ea

AR - 8 (vehicle AR)

Armour - stops all standard handgun rounds.


Flying - 100kph

Range - 12 hours on battery later upgraded to multi year powercell


Height - 0.8m

Length - 1.7m

Width - 2.0m

Weight - 110kg

Power System - Battery later upgraded to power cell

Cost - Unknown


Weapon Type - 5.56mm assault gun (2)

Primary Purpose - anti-infantry

Range - 450m

Damage - 1d6x10 per burst, 2d6x10 per dual burst

Rate Of Fire - equal to attacks per melee

Payload - 20 bursts each

Bonuses - na

Weapon Type - 30mm Rocket

Primary Purpose - Anti-infantry

Range - 750m

Damage - 3d6x10+40 each

Rate Of Fire - 1 or 2

Payload - 2

Bonuses - na

Bonuses and penalties

attacks per melee - 5

+1 strike ranged

+1 dodge

Systems of Note

Pilot VTOL 90%

Basic Audio System

Basic Optical System

Thermal Imaging

Infra red Imaging

Weapon Systems Skill


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