The Hunter-Killer Tank, or Cyborg Tank,[citation needed] is one of Skynet's Non-Humanoid Hunter Killers as a principal ground-based combat vehicle.

Developed from the original T-1, the HK-Tank is several stories tall and vaguely humanoid in overall shape, possessing a rotating, conning tower-like "head", two steel "arms" equipped with twin-barreled directional plasma cannons, and two "legs" consisting of massive individual tank treads. While formidably armed, the HK-Tank can be easily destroyed by a well-placed demolition charge.

With the increase of effective anti-HK tactics used by the Resistance to not only disable these units but to scavenge them for heavy weapons, power sources, and armor, Skynet has started equipping some units with crew compartments, containing concealed endoskeletons to counterattack the human assault teams.

Model Type - HK Tank

Class - Hnter Killer

SDC By Location

Plasma Cannon arms 1000 ea

Plasma Cannons 750 ea

Head 2000

Front Arms 1150 ea

Tracks 1200 ea

Track Wheels 850 ea

Main Body 2750

AR - 15

Armour - stops all standard handgun rounds and upto and including 20mm rounds. Explosive and ramjet rounds are still effective.


Land - 72kph

Range - effectively unlimited


Height - 12.0m

Length - 20.0m

Width - 7.0m

Weight - 20+ tons

Power System - Nuclear Power cell


Weapon Type - Plasma Cannons (2)

Primary Purpose - Anti-vehicle

Range - 2000m

Damage - 2d4x100 per burst, 4d4x100 per dual burst

Rate Of Fire - equal to attacks per mele

Payload - effectively unlimited

Bonuses - na

Bonuses and penalties

Attacks per melee - 6

+3 strike ranged

-5 dodge

Systems of Note

Advanced Optics system

Targeting systems

Combat computer

Thermal Imaging

Telescopic vision

Pilot Tanks & APC's 98%

Navigation 98%

Weapon Systems skill

References Used

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