This can be used for BTS 1st and 2nd or Rifts

Herbert West's formula; I can not recant the horror the sight of that glowing green vile sent through my body.

Hebert West work may have been long forgotten except that sometime after the second world war, a vile of green liquid was found in the clutched hands of man dressed in a blood soaked lab coat. With instructions on how to create West original formula. The vile and instructions were kept in the Boston police department until 1970 when it disappeared under a rash of violent and unexplained murders. The Formula was stolen by a group calling themselves "Sons of Liberation". What they did with it as anyones guess.

What does the formula do?

It brings the dead back to life, the fresh the body the more intelligence the reanimated body has, but it's former life is gone as it will become violent as unexplainable pain washes over them and they are filled with the needed to kill to ease it's pain.

What do I roll?

Nothing the formula reanimates bodies and whatever the person or things stats were when it died it retains, skills should be given negatives depending on the state of decay.

Ok this is a simple plot device and a fun little conversion from HP Lovecraft.

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