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The Motorslaves were designed to augment, enhance and supplement the combat abilities of the hardsuits. As such it's three modes do so remarkably.

Model Type - Transformable Motorcycle Slave Armour system

Class - Medium Combat Unit

Crew - 1 in a hardsuit or none

SDC By Location

Main Body 550

Head 250

Arms 325

Legs 350

Wheels/Thrusters 300

Gunpod 150

AR - 12 (Vehicle AR)

Armour - stops all standard handgun rounds and upto and including 12.7/.50cal rifle rounds. explosive and ramjet rounds are still effective.


Motorcycle - 348kph

Running Motoroid/Motoslave - 95kph

Flying Motoslave - 380kph

Leaping Motoroid/Motoslave - 10m/Wearer x 2


Hurricane motoroid.jpg

Height - Cycle - 1.2mm, Motoslave - 2.75m, Motoroid - 2.2m

Length - Cycle - 2m, Motoslave - 1m, Motoroid - 1.4m

Width - Cycle - m, Motoslave - 1.7m, Motoroid - 1.4m

Weight - 167kg

PS - Android 33 (both modes)

Cargo - None

Power System - Hybrid Fuel system as well as Hard cell battery system

Cost - unknown


Weapon Type - MG-442 35mm A/C

Primary Purpose - Anti-armour

Range - 1600m

Damage - 3d6x30 per burst, armour piercing

Rate Of Fire - Equal to Pilots or Motoroids attacks

Payload - 5 bursts

Bonuses - +1 strike

Bonuses and penalties

Use Mecha Combat Training When piloting the unit

-1 dodge in cycle mode

-3 dodge/parry in motorslave mode

Lift - 16 500lbs, Carry - 8 750lbs

Punch - 2d4x10, Restrained Punch - 5d6, Kick - 3d4x10, Body Block - 1d4x10

4 attacks in Motoroid form (equal to 2nd level HTH basic)

+2 pull punch

+2 roll with punch/impact

+2 parry

+2 dodge

+1 strike with MG-442 (2nd levle WP Heavy Weapons)

+2 to perception rolls

Hardsuit Rider overrides the Motoroids stats when in Motorslave mode

Systems of Note

Hurricane bike.png

4km Audiovisual Range with magnification abilities

80km Radio Scrambler and communication system

Stereo Music System

Targeting System +1 to strike with ranged weapons

Lowlight Vision Range - 500ft

Standard motorcyrcle Instrumentation

HUD dsiplays all pertinent information in front of the user to minimize distarction in combat and use.

ECCM - +30% against Opposing ECM

Fusion Proof

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