being such a welcoming environment, Lazlo has spent many years trying to extend diplomatic relations to any number of other cities, states, and governments. Their combination of technological, magical, and psionic capabilities allow them to reach many places across the earth and even beyond this realm.

Immediate Vicinity

While all of the following communities lie within the recognized boarders of Lazlo, at least in 104PA, they were not part of the City-State.

The Relic -

Perez -

Trappers Cove -

Cartier-Fury Ranch -

Burleston -

New Hope -

Unity -

North America

The Coalition States -

Free Quebec -

New Lazlo -

Manistique Imperium -

Northern Gun -

Federation of Magic -

Dweomer -

Stormspire -

MercTown -

Colorado Baronies -

Arzno -

Reids Rangers -


New Navy -

Tritonia -

Naut-yll -

Horune -

Lemuria -

Atlantis -

Phoenix Empire -

New Camelot -

New German Republic -

Gargoyle Empire -

Brodkil Empire -

Russian Warlords -

Sovietskii -

Geo-Front -

Japan (insert relevant kingdoms) -

Australia (Insert relevant kingdoms) -

Extra Dimensional

United Worlds of Warlocks -

Hades -

Dyval -

Splugorth -

Palladium (insert relevant kingdoms)

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