Lazlo is a diverse place with a wide variety of people and places.

Note - items may have a parentheses which is to serve as note to what the location is in real life presently.


General Map of the claimed borders of the State of Lazlo -

Outline of the recognized city limits of Lazlo -

Note - I will be adding more locations to these maps to indicate other smaller towns or "kingdoms" both affiliated or not affiliated with Lazlo


Sentinel (CN) Tower -

Casa Loma -

The Mountain (Canada's Wonderland) -

The Tunnels (The PATH and Subway Tunnels) -

The Arena (Maple Leaf Gardens) -

Library of Lazlo (Queesnpark)

Museums and Art Galleries (Various locations in and around the Royal Ontario Museum, Art Gallery of Ontario and Ontario Science Center)

University of Lazlo (University of Toronto, York University, Ryerson roughly)

Lazlo Medical Complex (Hospital Row)

Valley Gardens (Significant stretch of the Don Valley)

The Markets (Kensington Market)

The Docks (Duh)

The Airfields (Pearson Airport, Buttonville Airport, North Pickering, Oshawa Airport)

Notable Businesses

Dweezil's Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services Chain

Mildred's Maid Services

Bobert's Burgers Chain

Taleeb's Taxis

Creitmakers Couriers

Lazlo Telecomm

Lazlo Power Company

Gorval's Gaming Emporium

Arvyd's Adventures

Titan Robotics Satellite Office

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