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While it is an open society, like all nations it needs leaders to guide it. These leaders are the ones who shape policy, among other things, and lead by example not just words. Below is only a smattering of the most well know leaders of the Nation.

Ruling Council:

Head of the Council of Learning - Plato (Ancient Great Horned Dragon)

Head of the Council of Science -

Head of the Council of Technology -

Head of the Council of the Supernatural (Magic, Psionics, etc) -

Chief of State and the Head of Congress - Sir Thomm (Cyberknight)

Mayor of the City of Lazlo-proper -

Minister of Health -

Minister of Defense -

Minister of Finance -

Minister of Mystical Affairs -

Head of Social Services -

Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces -

Lazlo City Police Chief -


Congressbeing (Representing ) -

Congressbeing (Representing ) -

Congressbeing (Representing ) -

Congressbeing (Representing ) -

Congressbeing (Representing ) -

Congressbeing (Representing ) -


Head of LDF Special Operations - Colonel Eduardo "Eddie" Lopez -

Head of LDF Ordnance Development - Clea Cunningham -

Head of LDF Vehicle Development - Meera Taylor -

LDF Navy Commander-in Chief - Admiral Thomas Wavethunder -

LDF Airforce Commander-in-Chief -

LDF Army Commander-in-Chief -

Xiticix Campaign Forces Commander-in-Chief -

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