Introduced in the mid 2020's this was the last major upgrade before the MDC revolution saw the Abrams further improved upon. Starting with making the previous TUSK upgrade a standard feature, a new powerplant was installed using a fuel cell system which actually increased power output and increased the tanks speed slightly. Along with this major upgrade the electronics were improved again and the use of explosive ammo was introduced for use with the machine guns. Also the Mk 47 Auto-Grenade Launcher was now available for use instead of the older Mk 19. This tank was to phase out all previous incarnations in use and those that weren't phased out were to receive major overhauls to bring them up to M1A3 standards.

Model Type - M1A3 Abrams

Class - Main Battle Tank

Crew - 4

SDC By Location

Main Body 1700

Turret 1000

120mm Cannon 500

Tracks (2 sets) 950 ea

Track Wheels (9 450 ea

.50 cal Machine Gun (2) 150

7.62 Machine Gun (2) 50 ea

Loaders Gun Shield /turret 200

Commanders Turret 300

AR - 18 (Vehicle AR)

Armour - Stops all standard rounds upto and including 20mm. Explosive and ramjet rounds are still effective


Ground - 72kph over the road, 54kph off-road

Range - 400km


Height - 2.44m

Length - 9.77m

Width - 3.7m

Weight - 68.3 tons

Cargo - Minimal survival gear and personal weapons

Power System - Honeywell AGT1590 Fuel Cell system powerplant

Cost - millions dollars US


Weapon Type - 120mm smoothbore Cannon

Primary Purpose - Anti-Armour

Range - 4000m maximum direct fire, 12km maximum indirect fire

Damage - 1d6x100+100sdc HE (1d6x100+10md), 3d4x100sdc HEAT (3d4x10md), 2d4x100+100sdc A/P (2d4x10+10md), 1d4x100+100sdc FRAG (1d4x10+10md) blast radius 25ft

Rate Of Fire - 3 per melee

Payload - 40 rounds

Bonuses - +1 strike

Weapon Type - .50 cal machine gun (2, one above the main gun and one commanders turret)

Primary Purpose - Anti-Infantry

Range - 1500m

Damage - 5d6x10+15sdc per 10 round burst of explosive rounds (5d6+2md)

Rate Of Fire - equal to gunners attacks

Payload - 100 bursts

Bonuses - NA

Weapon Type - 7.62 machine gun (2, one coaxial with main gun and one loaders turret)

Primary Purpose - Anti-infantry

Range - 1200m

Damage - 3d6x10sdc per 10 round burst each of explosive rounds (3d6md)

Rate Of Fire - equal to gunners attacks

Payload - 540 bursts each

Bonuses - NA

Type - Optional GAU-18 .50 cal gatling gun (replaces .50 cal mg on commanders turret)

Purpose - anti-infantry/vehicle

Range - 1500m

Damage - 6d6x10+60 per burst of explosive rounds (6d6+6md)

Rate of Fire - equal to gunners attacks

Ammo - 50 bursts

Bonuses - na

Type - Optional Mk 47 Automatic Grenade Launcher (replaces .50 cal mg on commanders turret)

Purpose - anti-vehicle/infantry

Range - 1200m

Damage - 3d4x10 per grenade blast radius 15ft or 6d6x10 per 10 round burst, blast radius 30 ft, can set for airburst anywhere within the range of the weapon in single shot mode, blast radius 15ft

Rate of Fire - equal to gunners attacks

Ammo - 200 grenades

Bonuses - +1 strike

Bonuses and penalties

Use vehicle combat training

Systems of Note

Thermal Vision - Range 3km

Targeting System +1 strike

Combat Computer

NBC Protection

Commanders Turret is remote operated

Loaders Turret Can be Remote operated

Army telephone at rear for infantry to communicate to crew without opening the tank up



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