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The M577 APC is the primary driving ground vehicle used by the USCMC. It has one front mounted twin gattling turret, and one top mounted twin cannon. The APC has a top speed of 50 miles per hour and it can fit many soldiers within it's confines. It first appears in Aliens, and apparently can run over Xenomorphs with very little problems at all; not counting the xenomorph's molecular acid. Soon after, it appeared in many other Alien and AvP medias, as well as the AvP video game series. They can be carried by the drop ship.

The M577 evolved from the Marine 70 battlefield deployment strategy, which proposed a requirement for a low-cost lightweight APC capable of being transported into combat aboard a dropship. Designed as a multi-role vehicle within a lightly-equipped rapid-reaction force, the M577 is mobile and well armed. However, the rigid design restrictions and compromises imposed by the need to be drop-transportable have resulted in a lighter, less capable vehicle than other APCs currently in US service.

Because of the USCM requirement that the vehicle's combat weight be kept below 15,000 kg, the M577's components were designed to be as lightweight and sturdy as possible. The chassis chosen for the prototype was based on that of the M570 family of wheeled vehicles which, in the late sixties, was being developed for use in a variety of roles, mainly as a prime mover and mortar platform. The APC is built around a 4 x 4 wheeled layout, powered by a 286 kW multi-fuel gas turbine engine which generates a power-to-weight ratio in the region of 19.7 kW/kN. Although the wheeled configuration does not give as rugged a cross country performance as a tracked vehicle, it does offer considerable savings in terms of weight penalties and reliability. Each of the massive 159 cm diameter wheels receives power independently from the engine via a fully automatic, electronically-controlled transmission system. The tires are armored against small arms and splinter, and their pressure is controlled by a central regulation system. This allows the driver to reduce the vehicle's ground pressure over soft terrain by deflating the tires, whilst still being able to reinflate them for road travel.

Model Type - M577 APC

Class - Armoured Personnel Carrier

Crew - 2 + 12 troops

SDC By Location

Main Body - 1100

Wheels - 350

Cockpit - 250

Forward turret - 265

Main Turret - 345

Headlights - 75 ea

Spotlight - 100

Side Door - 400

AR - 15 (vehicle AR)

Amour - Stops up to and including 20mm rounds.


Ground - 150kph over open terrain

Range - 500km


Height - 2.17m, 2.81 with main turret deployed

Length - 8.58m, 9.22m with main turret stored

Width - 3.38m

Weight - 14.5 tons loaded

Cargo - Minimal survival gear in addition to all gear normally deployed with the squad of marines and crew (Extra Ammo, Sentry Guns, Field Rations, Medical supplies etc)

Power System - Arco Continental R-370 Gas Turbine Engine wih an output of 286 Kw

Cost - Unknown


Weapon Type - 20mm Gatling Gun (2, forward turret)

Primary Purpose - Anti-vehicle

Range - 600m

Damage - 2d4x10+10 per round, use gatling gun burst rues. Guns fire in tandem for double damage.

Rate Of Fire - bursts equal to gunners attacks

Payload - 1700 armour piercing rounds total

Bonuses - +1 strike

Weapon Type - Phased Plasma Cannon (2, Main Turret)

Primary Purpose - Anti-vehicle

Range - 4000m

Damage - 2d4x100 per blast, Guns fire in sequence not in tandem

Rate Of Fire - equal to gunners attacks

Payload - 1000 blasts

Bonuses - +2 strike

Weapon Type - Optional Free Electron Laser Cannon (2, Main Turret, replaces Phased Plasma Cannon)

Primary Purpose - Anti-vehicle

Range - 3000m

Damage - 1d4x100 per blast, Guns fire in tandem for double damage

Rate Of Fire - equal to gunners attacks

Payload - effectively unlimited. 100 blasts stored then can recharge 2 blasts per melee

Bonuses - +2 strike

Weapon Type - Optional Charged Particle Cannon (2, Main Turret, replaces Phased Plasma Cannon)

Primary Purpose - Anti-vehicle

Range - 3000m

Damage - 1d4x100 per blast, Guns fire in tandem for double damage

Rate Of Fire - equal to gunners attacks

Payload - 100 blasts total

Bonuses - +2 strike


-1 dodge

Systems of Note

Targeting Computer

Satellite Uplink Computer and Communication System

Drop Ship Remote Control Unit

Full Video Transceiver linked in with the Marines armour cams that are assigned to that APC

References Used

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