The Mountain Terrain Armored Transport (MT-AT) was an arachnid-like eight-legged walker, apparently designed on the Imperial fortress world of Carida.

Each walker-unit was deployed on-planet by a cocoon pod, similar to the deployment of Arakyd Viper probe droids, and emerged from the impact crater fully operational. These cocoon pods encased the walker in a fluid gel that protected its descent to a planet's surface.

A droid brain in the pod controlled the speed and direction and activated decelerating thrusters shortly before impact. When the pod impacted on the surface the bistate gel hardened, absorbing the kinetic energy and protecting the walker from damage. The MT-AT could also be deployed by more standard transports or landing barges.

The MT-AT was based on the design of the CIS LM-432 crab droid used at Imperial academies following the end of the Clone Wars.

MT-ATs saw action during the attempted kidnapping of Anakin Solo while he was still a baby, even though half of the force was destroyed by Admiral Gial Ackbar's FIDO unit. All but one of the vehicles were destroyed during the kidnapping attempt, thanks to sturdy Alliance defenses. Combined with the destruction of the Carida system, the plans for the design may have been lost.

Model Type - MT-AT

Class - Mountain terrain Armoured Transport

Crew - 1 + 2 gunners

MDC By Location

Main Body - 330

Command Pod - 200

Legs - 225 ea

Feet - 120 ea

Blaster Cannons - 75 ea

Laser cannons - 65 ea

Armour - Stops up to and including 30mm rounds.


Walking/Running - 130kph

Range - 3000km

MT-AT egvv


Height - 12.7m

Length - 15.6m

Width - 17.8m

Weight - tons loaded

Cargo - 300kg

Power System - fusial power generators

Cost - Unknown


Weapon Type - Twin Blaster Cannons (8 turrets)

Primary Purpose - Anti-vehicle

Range - 2km

Damage - 2d6x10 per gun

Rate Of Fire - equal to gunners attacks

Payload - unlimited

Bonuses - +1 strike

Weapon Type - Laser cannons (2)

Primary Purpose - anti-vehicle

Range - 1km

Damage - 1d4x10+5 per gun

Rate Of Fire - equal to gunners attacks

Payload - unlimted

Bonuses - +1 strike


Use vehicle combat training

+1 attack at level 7

+1 dodge at level 8

+5% piloting rolls

Systems of Note

Targeting Systems

Standard Encrypted Commlink

Standard Information Package

Basic Sensors (Thermal 1000m, Radar 100km)

References Used

Jedi Academy Sourcebook West End games


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