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Magic is used in a number of games by Palladium. These rules are based on how magic is done in Rifts (Rifts Ultimate Edition specifically). Any notable changes are listed here including the use of Rifter articles.

Games that use Magic:

Rifts Phaseworld (Yes it is "Rifts" but it is it's own setting) Heroes Unlimited Nightbane Beyond the Supernatural (This setting will have special notes of it's own as well for magic) Palladium Fantasy

Magic Rules

These rules start on page 185 of Rifts Ultimate Edition with any changes made specified below.

Step One: Belief, Step Two: Conviction, and Step Three: Choose a Mystic Art : No changes.

Step Four: Building PPE :

Changes are as follows:

Recovery of PPE will only be listed by each class for itself. Some will recover more quickly than others.

Meditation will by default now double the recovery of PPE as specified by each class.

Other Sources of PPE:

Some classes may be able to drawn ambient PPE from their environment even when away from Ley Lines and Ley Line Nexuses

Step Five: Understanding Magic :

Changes are as follows:

Wearing Body Armour - Mages can wear most body armour with no ill effect. Light to medium Body Armours (upto 150sdc or 60mdc) including full environmental armours will have no effect on a mages spell casting ability. Heavy Body Armours (more than 150sdc or 60 mdc upto 300sdc/200mdc) will require 25% more PPE to be used and the effects of the spell (range, damage, duration, ect) reduced by 25%. If wearing light power armour (1000sdc or 250mdc or less) will require 50% more PPE to be used and all effects to be reduced by 50%.

Addtionally when wearing Heavy Body Armours will reduce any magic based abilities and the ability to absorb ambient PPE by 25% (Example to a magic based ability is the Ley Line Walker's Sense Ley Lines and Magic Energy). When wearing light power armours the penalty is increased to 50%.

Technological Effects on Magic - Spells can and will affect characters in body armour of any type and in light power armour (500SDC or 250MDC or less) but will not affect characters in heavier power armours or vehicles (robot, aircraft, etc)

Step Six: Casting Spells: :

Changes are as follows:

Time it takes to cast a spell - This is the biggest change to the magic system. Use the PPE channeling rules from Rifter #21 (Page 15-18) to determine how long it takes to cast as spell.

Step Seven: Magic Combat :

The only change here is that any spell that can be cast as a single action can be used in a simultaneous attack or as a defensive action but may require a parry or dodge roll to see if you cast the spell in time to use it as intended. (For example casting Armour of Ithan defensively when being shot at will require you to make a successful parry roll in order to have Armour of Ithan place to absorb the attack. Failure means the spell is cast but does not take effect until after the attack is made). Casting a spell in this manner will use one of your actions for the turn.

Step Eight: The Pursuit of Magic : No changes.

Additional Rules :

Magic Foci - See Rifter #30 (Page 30-31) except for the following changes:

No skill roll is needed for a Focus to work. They just do once acquired.

Burst Casting Focus - This will now allow a mage to channel one extra action worth of PPE into a spell for free. This Focus cannot be taken before the mage is level 5 and this Focus cannot be combined in use with other Foci until the mage is at least level 10.

Specializations - See Rifter #30 (Page 29-30)

Spellbooks - See Rifter #40 (Page 57-69)

Any other changes will be noted in the specific Magic using OCCs where necessary

Spells - See separate page for all changes done to spells.

OPTIONAL: Spellbinding -

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