Using RUE as the starting point here we go....

Step 1-3, 5 and 7-8 - No change

Step 4 - PPE - A magic class can typically hold up to their PPE x 3 for a number of hours equal to their PE score before it will drain away.

Also - PPE available at Ley Lines is now if you are within 1 mile of a Line or within 1 mile of a nexus respectively as opposed to only when on these locations.

Step 6 - Casting Spells

Ok this is where we have a major change. For casting spells I use the PPE channeling rules in Rifter 21.

Also many magic classes will be allowed to choose foci at certain levels. These are in Rifter 30 Page 30. The only change I make is that a skill roll is not required for the Foci to work. It just does once you acquire it. The only Foci that isn't allowed is burst casting as I use the PPE channeling rules so it is un-needed.

From the same article in Rifter 30 I also allow the use of Specializations.

No other changes.

Further note - All Magic using classes will gain more PPE than is given in the system now. This will beindicated when I post up the OCC modifications but suffice to say that when done a 10th levle Ley Line Walker would be a very much increased threat to a group as opposed to now where they are likely to run out of PPE after 3 or 4 melee rounds trying to cast powerful spells.


Only one real major change is being made. The introduction of ISP Channeling.

Much like the article in Rifter 21 for magic a psychic will have to channel their ISP into the power to make it happen. Now relax this isn't as bad as you might think once you see the amounts. This is being done in an effort to curb the abuse of certain powers (I am looking at you Bio-Manipulation). Nothing more. Most powers will still be useable in one action and even those that aren't will be eventually at a higher level.

Channeling amounts are as follows:

Master Pychics (This includes most of the Psychic classes):

10 ISP per action/attack per level. IE 3rd level Mind Melter (Master Psychic) can channel 30 ISP per action/attack.

Major Psychics (The remaining Psychic classes will likely fall here as well as having psionics at character creation):

5 ISP per action/attack per level. IE A Major Psychic would have to be 6th level to channel the same amount of ISP as the Mind Melter above.

Minor Psychic (Some d-bees may be this as well as characters that received psionics during character creation):

3 ISP per action/attack per level. IE A Minor Psychic would have to be 10th level to channel the same amount of ISP as the Mind Melter above.

Also, some psychics will be able to get psionic foci much like the magic foci in Rifter 30. Same basic premise and effect except it is for psychics/psionics. Also like my modification for the magic foci above, once you acquire it, it just works, no skill rolls needed.

Magic and Psionics

Both can be used on and by people in Body Armour (including full environmental), Power Armour with 250 MDC or less and Power Armour, Robots and Vehicles that have their crew compartments open.