Megaforce command

With an organization like Megaforce being deployed around the world, it definitely needed a central command unit for the units in the field. The mobile hq covers this well giving good defensive measure via air and ground defense radars and also assist in confusing the enemy with it's ecm capabilities.

Model Type - MegaHQ

Class - Mobile HQ

Crew - 1

SDC By Location

Main Body - 900

Wheels - 145

Guns - 100

Engine COmpartment - 250

Radar/Comm Dish - 175

Cockpit - 160

AR - 10 (vehicle AR)

Amour - Stops up to and including 12.7mm rifle rounds.


Ground - 140kph over flat ground

Range - 1000km

Megaforce command 2

Height - 2m, 3m to top of Radar/Comm Dish

Length - 6m

Width - 2m

Weight - 3 tons loaded

Cargo - Minimal survival gear

Power System - multi-fuel flex engine

Cost - Unknown


Weapon Type - 20mm autocannons

Primary Purpose - anti-infatry/vehicle

Range - 1000m

Damage - 2d4x10+10 per round, use machine gun rounds

Rate Of Fire - equal to pilots attacks

Payload - 1000 rounds each

Bonuses - +1 strike


Use vehicle combat training and combat driving

Systems of Note
Megaforce command and bikes

Comm System with full encryption - Range of 1000km

Targeting System - +1 to strike with turret weapons

Dashboard gauges and information package

Silent Running - Vehicle itself cannot be heard beyond 5ft except for debris and items being hit or moved by the passage of the vehicle

Air Defense radar - Range - 200km

Ground Radar - Range - 50km depending on terrain

ECM systems - Range 60km, gives opponents a penalty of -15% to detect any forces under the Mobile HQ's range and jams opponents communications unless a radoi scramblers skill roll is made at a -25%

References Used

Megaforce Movie

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