Megaforce bike

Wanting a fast one man unit that can get trhough enemy lines and for use as a scouting unit the Megafighter holds its own. It is well aremd for anti-infantry duties and its rockets give some anti-vehicle ability as well. Its speed lets the unit by pass many armoured vehicle defenses as wellas traverse terrain many vehicles cannot do as quickly. It is a very capable unit all around.

Model Type - Delta Mk 4 Megafighter

Class - Combat Bike

Crew - 1

SDC By Location

Main Body - 220

Wheels - 65

Guns - 40

Engine - 100

AR - 8 (vehicle AR)

Amour - Stops up to and including .45cal pistol rounds.


Ground - 175kph

Range - 800km

Megaforce bike 2

Height - 1.7m

Length - 2.1m

Width - 0.6m

Weight - 225kg loaded

Cargo - Minimal survival gear

Power System - multi-fuel flex engine

Cost - Unknown


Weapon Type - 9mm Submachine guns (3)

Primary Purpose - anti-infatry/vehicle

Range - 250m

Damage - 3d6 per round per gun, use machine gun burst rules and guns fire together making each burst x3 damage

Rate Of Fire - equal to riders attacks

Payload - 250 rounds per gun

Bonuses - +1 strike

Weapon Type - Rockets

Primary Purpose - anti-infatry/vehicle

Range - 800m

Damage - 3d6x10

Rate Of Fire - volleys of 1 to 4

Payload - 4 armour piercing rockets, use armour piercing rules

Bonuses - +1 strike


Use vehicle combat training and combat driving

Systems of Note

Comm System with full encryption - Range of 500km

Targeting System - +1 to strike with turret weapons

Dashboard gauges and information package

Silent Running - Vehicle itslef cannot be heard beyond 5ft except for debris and items being hit or moved by the passage of the vehicle

References Used

Megaforce Movie

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