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Designed while survingin on earth afte rthe second Robotech war, the masters determined one of their weaknesses was aginst heavy artillery like firepower.  To rectify that they came up with a design reminiscent to the Officer Battle Pod of the Zentraedi centred around a large particle cannon.  While not meant to be a fron line combatant, the mobile Gun can snipe at distance with its cannon taking enemies out before they can close to what is considered normal combat ranges.

Model Type - Bioroid Mobile Cannon

Class - Laong Range Attack mecha

Crew - 1

MDC By Location

Main Body - 350

Particle Cannon - 175

Legs - 220

Feet - 120

Thrusters - 70

Re-inforced crew compartment 100

AR - 13

Armour - stops upto and including the equivalent of  standard 20mm rounds


Running - 120kph/75mph

Leaping - 4m unassisted, 8m with a running start. 20m thruster assisted

Range - 220 hours of continuous operation on 8 protoculture cells


Height - 18ft 2in (5.4m)

Length - 10ft 6in (3.15m)

Width - 8ft (2.4m)

Weight - 9.4 tons

PS - effectively 30 robotic

Cargo - minimal survival and personal gear

Power System - Miniature Protoculture Cell Energizer

Cost - unknown


Weapon Type - Particle Cannon

Primary Purpose - anti-mecha

Range - 4000m

Damage - 4d6x10

Rate Of Fire - 4 per melee

Payload - unlimited

Bonuses - +1 strike

Weapon Type - Lasers

Primary Purpose - anti-mecha/missile

Range - 1200m

Damage - 2d6 per blast per gun, only fires bursts, use autocannon burst rules

Rate Of Fire - equal to pilots attacks

Payload - unlimited

Bonuses - +2 strike

Note - equivalent to a 25mm round

Bonuses and Penalties

Use Robot Combat Elite plus the following

+3 autododge

+15% to piloting skill rolls

Kick - 3d6

Body Block/Tackle - 1d6

Systems of Note

It should be noted that by and large Bioroids are relatively dependant on their carrier craft for locating enemy units and communications.

Radar - Range 10km

Limited Communications - Range 100km

Camera System

Targeting system +2 strike ranged

Life Support

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