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Feeling the need to supply vehicles and equipment to the civilian market, just as they do the mercenary and military markets, the powers that be at Northern Gun have always developed and sold civilian vehicles. The Civie (pronounced sivvy) is designed as a sort of hybrid between civilian and military. It allows the average person to go "adventuring" in a quality vehicle while feeling relatively safe from any kind of surprises barring a military ambush of some kind. It's speed is usually enough to outrun most attackers and it's light MD construction allows it to survive at least some weapons fire. Overall it is a good quality vehicle that sells well enough for Northern Gun to keep it at least minimum production with continued bursts of increased production as more and more of North America gets explored and settled.

Model Type - Civie

Class - All terrain Vehicle

Crew - 1 + 1 passenger

MDC By Location

Main Body - 85

Tires/Wheels - 15 ea

Engine Compartment - 45

Drive Train - 35

AR - 9

Armour - Stops up to and including standard 15mm (2d4md) rounds.


Ground - 100 kph over open terrain. 60kph over rough terrain.

Range - 500 km with a gasoline or electric powerplant. 8 weeks of travel with a solid oxide powerplant. Effectively unlimited with a nuclear powerplant.


Height - 2.74m

Length - 6.2m

Width - 3.1m

Weight - 1.2 tons loaded

Cargo - 2m by 2m cargo area.

Power System - Solid Oxide or Nuclear

Cost - 30 000 for gasoline powered units. 40 000 for electric powered units. 60 000 for solide oxide powered units. 300 000 for nuclear powered units.


None Standard but can be equipped with a variety of infantry and power armour scale weapons. No effect on nuclear powered models but will reduce the range by 10% per weapon installed for solid oxide powered models unless the weapons are self powered by e-clips or power packs of their own.  sweapons must have their own power supplies wheninstalled on gasoline and electrically powered models.


Use Pilot Automobile and Combat Driving as applicable

Systems of Note (Standard Model)

Standard Information Package (Speedometer, Tachometer, Temp gauge etc)

Inertial mapping and gps system

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