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The Warthog is a light very effective combat vehicle put out by Northern Gun. It's good all terrain ability as well as excellent speed makes it a very effective recon vehicle for most merc units. It ability to mount multiple weapons of varying size also make it an excellent assault vehicle and very good at infantry support.

Model Type - Warthog

Class - All terrain Combat Vehicle

Crew - 1 + 1 passenger + 1 gunner

MDC By Location

Main Body - 120

Windscreen - 25

Tires/Wheels - 30 ea

Engine Compartment - 75

Drive Train - 50

AR - 12 (Vehicle)

Armour - Stops up to and including standard 20mm (2d4+1md) rounds.


Ground - 120 kph over open terrain. 70kph over rough terrain.

Range - 8 weeks of travel with a solid oxide powerplant. Effectively unlimited with a nuclear powerplant.


Height - 2.4m

Length - 4.1m

Width - 2.6m

Weight - 750kg loaded

Cargo - 1m by 1m cargo area.

Power System - Solid Oxide or Nuclear

Cost - 75 000 for solide oxide powered units. 310 000 for nuclear powered units.

Weapons (Standard Loadout)

Standard equipment is a NG-202 Railgun with a 2400 rounds drum.

Can be equipped with other or additional infantry or power armour scale weapons if so desired. Additional weapon will reduce range of solid oxide model by 10% per weapon unless they have their power power supplies. No effect on nuclear powered models.


Use Pilot Automobile and Combat Driving as applicable

Systems of Note (Standard Model)

Standard Information Package (Speedometer, Tachometer, Temp gauge etc)

Inertial mapping and GPS system

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