While most citizens go about their daily lives with little fanfare, there are those who stand out more.

Head of the Library of Lazlo -

Head of the Art Association of Lazlo -

Chief Medical Officer of the City of Lazlo -

Lazlo Harbour Dockmaster -

Lazlo Airfields Airmaster -

Lazlo Transit Chief -

Lazlo Telecomm Chief -

Lazlo Power Company Chief -

Jaster Dweezil, Owner of Dweezil's Drycleaning and Laundry Services Chain -

"Mildred", owner of Mildred's Maid Services -

Sketzel "Bobert" Fezzit, Owner of the Bobert's Burgers Chain -

Kaleb Taleeb, Owner of Taleeb's Taxi Services -

Sebat Creit, CEO of Creitmakers Couriers -

Krarn Arviddian, CEO of Arvyd's Adventures -

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