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The Omega class destroyer was an Earth Alliance warship, manufactured by Rocketdyne at the Neue Hanse Orbital Shipyard in Earth orbit. Following the Earth-Minbari War, it became the most powerful and ubiquitous capital ship of the Earth Alliance fleet and one of the strongest ships ever built by a single species among the younger races using only their own technology.

A continuation of many of the design elements from the Nova-class dreadnought, the Omega possessed a large rotating section, allowing the crew to operate in gravity, eliminating the constant need for handholds and straps that often hindered the older zero gravity warships. Ships of the Omega class were equipped with a DX-419 tracking system, supposedly an improvement over the standard XB7 units used during the war, though several officers have noted that they never worked right. By 2261, the system had at least begun to be upgraded.

The Omega class destroyer had more firepower than most imagine - it had launch bays that could launch gigaton class mines, as well as 72 red missile hatches. It has been said that if one of these ships appeared in your system, you were in serious trouble as this ship was one of the most powerful ever built by the younger races.

During the Earth-Minbari War, Earth did not have any ships that could lock onto Minbari vessels, due to the stealth technology the Minbari possessed. However, Earth ships still had the firepower to damage Minbari cruisers. The Omega Class Destroyer was the first Earth ship capable of locking onto a Minbari ship. Another lesson learned from the Earth-Minbari War was that the solid beam weapons used by the Minbari had proven to be deadly effective. Taking this lesson in hand, the Omega's cannons could fire both in pulse mode and in solid beam, allowing for more precise and accurate fire.

Model Type - Destroyer

Class - Omega

Crew - Up to 1000 crew and pilots at any given time, minimum 250

Passengers - Up to 18,000 troops

MDC By Location

Main Forward Hull - 45,000

Hanger - 10,000

Habitation Section - 30,000

Engine Section - 40,000

Engines (4) - 8,000 ea

Hull per 50ft area - 500

Heavy Plasma Pulse Cannons (4) - 1,500 ea

Particle/Laser Batteries (6) - 1,000 ea

Plasma Pulse Cannons (12) - 800 ea

Gigaton Minelayer (1) - 4,000

Red Missile Hatches (72) - 1,000 ea

Interceptor Guns (24) - 200 ea

AR - 15

Stopping Power - stops up to and including weapons that do an equivalent of 4d6x10md

Weakness - weapons that do equivalent to or more than 2d6x1000 ignore the AR


1 - Main Forward Hull: If the main forward hull is destroyed the ship is essentially out of commission. It will continue on whatever course it was last on with no way to stop it barring the crew somehow rerouting control to one of the remaining sections.

2 - Hanger: The Hanger is located in the Main Forward Hull. Destroying the hanger will prevent the launching or recovery of any fighters.

3 - Habitation Section: If this section is destroyed the ship is destroyed as it has essentially been blown in half. Feedbacks and exposed fuel and such will cause the ship explode doing 1d6x10,000 mdc to anything within 1km of the ship.

4 - Engine Section: Destroying the Engine section will set the ship adrift in space and the loss of power will leave all left onboard without power and life support in 4 hours or less.

5 - Engines: Destroying one engine will reduce maneuvering speed to mach 5 and maximum acceleration to 8g with cruising still capable at 1g but interpanetary limited to 3g. Two engines will drop that to mach 4, 5g, 0.5g and 2g respectively. Three engines will reduce it further to mach 1, 2g 0.3g, 1g respectively. All engines destroyed, much like destroying the engine section will set the ship adrift but the ship will maintain life support and power as long as the fusion reactors hold out.


Maneuvering - Maneuvering speeds rarely exceed a velocity of mach 6 or 1 km/s

Interplanetary - 1g standard acceleration for cruising, up to 4g for safe in system travel. Typical acceleration time is 5 minutes achieving a velocity of 3 km/s at cruise or 12 km/s for inter-system travel. Longer acceleration times are possible and used but this is the typical amount time spent. Maximum acceleration is 10g but can only safely do so for 1 minute achieving a velocity of 6 km/s without killing the crew from the g-forces.

Interstellar - Using it's jump drive the ship can travel approximately 500 light years per hour.

Range - Under normal operations the ship can deploy for 18 months at a time without replenishment of any kind. Combat will reduce this time considerably.


Height - 591.1m with habitation section upright

Length - 1714.3m

Width - 216.8m at it's widests with habitation section upright

Weight - 44.6 milion metric tons

Cargo - 1000s of tons

Power System - 4 Beigie-Bryant 9000A Particle Thrust Engines along with 4 terawatt rated fusion reactors.

Cost - billions


Weapon Type - Heavy Plasma Pulse Cannons (4, forward)

Primary Purpose - anti-ship

Range - 50,000km

Damage - 4d6x1000

Rate Of Fire - 2 per melee

Payload - efectively unlimited

Bonuses - +4 strike

Weapon Type - Particle/Laser Cannons (6, 2 forward, 4 rear)

Primary Purpose - anti-ship

Range - 10,000km

Damage - 1d6x1000

Rate Of Fire - 2 per melee

Payload - effectively unlimited

Bonuses - +4 strike

Weapon Type - Plasma Pulse Cannons (12, 6 left, 6 right)

Primary Purpose - anti-ship

Range - 5,000km

Damage - 3d6x100

Rate Of Fire - 4 per melee

Payload - effectively unlimited

Bonuses - +3 strike

Weapon Type - Gigaton Minelayer (1, engine section)

Primary Purpose - anti-ship

Range - na

Damage - 1d6x10,000 to a 5km radius

Rate Of Fire - 1 pe melee

Payload - 12

Bonuses - na

Weapon Type - Interecptor Guns (24, 6 top turrets, 6 bottom turrets, 6 right, 6 left)

Primary Purpose - anti-missile/fighter

Range - 50km

Damage - 3d6x10

Rate Of Fire - 6 per melee

Payload - effectively unlimited

Bonuses - +3 to strike

Weapon Type - Red Misile Silos (72)

Primary Purpose - Anti-ship/installation

Range - 100,000km

Damage - 6d6x1000

Rate Of Fire - 1 per silo

Payload - 1 per silo

Bonuses - +5 to strike

Systems of Note

Radar: Standard tracking system. Range of 100,000km

Thermal Detectors: This system is limited to just how concentrated and intense the heat signature is. It can detect most fighters at a range of 50km and capital ships at a range of 500km. Beyond that it is difficult to use for tracking or detection purposes. No bonus to sensor skill rolls.

Motion Detectors: Limited system mostly to warn of imminent collision. Range of 3km. No bonus to sensor skill rolls. Automated system.

Tachyon/Graviton Detectors: This system is used to detect incoming or outgoing ships making a hyperspace jump. In a secondary role this system allows the ship to detect graviton beam attacks. Range of 10 million kilometers. Bonus of +10% to sensor skill rolls

Targeting Systems: Allows the ship to engage and fire on ships within weapons range. Range 60,000km. Additional +2 to strike at range.

Life Support: Can sustain full complement for up to 18 months.

Artificial Gravity: Not a true anti-gravity system, the habitation section rotates and maintains a "gravity" of 1 for the crew on board.

Carried Craft

36 of Fighter craft divided into 2 squadrons (Typically split evenly between Aurora and Thunderbolt class Starfuries)

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