The number below are based on the numbers found at the uRRG website and should in no way be considered official.

Surface Fleet

Hero Class Mine Warfare Vessels x 293

Warspite Class Attack Submarine x 82

Prometheus Class Submersible Carrier x 9

Daedalus Class Submersible Carrier x 8

Total Ships x 392

Veritech fighters x 1 970

Destroids x 442

Other (AWACS, Helicopers, etc) x 576

Orbital Fleet

ARMD Class Carriers x 2

Oberth Class Destroyers x 6

Total ships x 8

Veritech Fighters x 216

Ghost Fighters x 540 though these are slowly replced with more Veritech fighters as time goes on.

Other (AWACS and shuttles) x 24

In addition to the above the Earth fleet was bolstered by a number of Zentraedi ships numbering 104 vessels. This included 58 Scout Ships, 19 Destroyers, 21 Landing Ships, 4 Command Cruisers and 2 Flagships. The number of mecha included varied wildly from ship to ship due to parts and replacement shortages though in some cases Earth mecha were assigned to them to reinforce the mechanized forces on these ships. Many of these ships were later decommissioned and salvaged for use in the construction of new vessels such as the Tokugawa, Tristar, Battle and Banshee class ships that would later fill out the fleet of the REF/UEEF and the RDF/UEDF and ASC. What ships were left were completely refitted for Earth use and departed along with the REF/UEEF fleet in 2022.

Note - The number of Zentraedi ships above was pulled out of my ass so as with the rest of this listing take it as you will since it is no way shape or form official.