The number below are based on the numbers found at the uRRG website and should in no way be considered official. There are also a few additions by me.

SDF-3 Pioneer Class Battlefortress x 1

Valivarre Class Battleship x 5 (uRRG exclusive class ship)

Tokugawa Class Ship x 6 (2 Carriers, 4 Landing Ships)

Ajax Class Landing Ship x 12 (Old uRRG exclusive no longer acknowledged but I liked it so I use it )

Tristar Class Heavy Cruiser x 22

Battle Class Cruiser x 35

Banshee Class Destroyer x 102

Predator Class Sublight Transorbital Shuttle x 227 (still a uRRG exclusive class ship I think)

Freedom Class Cruiser x 47 (Refitted Zentraedi Scout Ships of which 24 are assigned as dedicated escort ships for the Colony Class Ships)

Colony Class Ships x 12 (Refitted Zentraedi Landing Ships outfitted for colony establishment)

Liberation Class Carrier Landing Ship x 3 (Refitted Zentraedi Landing Ships outfitted for use as a carrier vessel and ground troop landing ship)

Independent Class Battleship x 5 (Refitted Zentraedi Destroyers outfitted for use in the role of Battleship)

Total Ships x 410

Veritech Fighters/Attack Planes/Bombers x 30 508

Destroids/Battle Pods x 38 725

Other Craft (AWACS, Transports, etc) x 2 549

Power Armour's x 70 700 (Micronian Mk I or Mk II and Tornado Combat Motorcycle/Armours later replaced by Micronian Mk III and Mk IV as well as various models of Cyclone Ride Armour)