The number below are based on the numbers found at the uRRG website and should in no way be considered official. There are also a few additions by me.

SDF-3 Pioneer Class Battlefortress x 1

SDF-4 Liberator Class Battlefortress x 1

Ikazuchi Class Carrier/Cruiser x 23

Shimikaze Class battlecruiser x 5

Orchid Class Cruiser x 41 (Created based on an image of super sized garfish looking craft with multiple turrets and full length hanger)

Warrior Class Destroyer x 62 (From's Third Invid War)

Banshee Class Destroyer x 18 (Second Line duties only)

Exeter Class Escort Frigate x 73 (From's Third Invid War)

Chimera Class Frigate x 34 (From the now defunct Hellcat Squadroom)

Garfish Class Destroyer x 97

Horizont-C Class Gunship/Picket Ship x 112 (My own creation)

Horizont-T Class Transport x 479

Montgolfier Fleet Tender Replenishment Ship x 5 (uRRG creation)

Marathon Class transport x 15 (uRRG creation)

Total Ships x 966

VF's/Fighters x 30 950

Destroids/Battle Pods/Battloids x 10 490

Other x 1 765

Power Armour x 220 537 (This includes Micronian Mk III and IV as well as Cyclone Rider Armour Series -030, -040, and -050)